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Belfast - rally for peace in Gaza

kevin | 07.01.2009 20:08 | Palestine | Terror War | Workers' Movements

March & rally for peace in Gaza - 10 Jan 2009, 12:45 gather in Art College Square


ICTU rally this Saturday 10 Jan 2009

Organised by the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

MARCH AT 12:45 – Art College Square (UU), Belfast

RALLY AT 13:30 – Belfast City Hall.,



The rest of the call-out:

07.01.2009 20:17

The situation in Gaza is an affront to all humanity.

We know that many hundreds have been killed including women and children.

We know that many people have been maimed.

We know that the hopes of a just and peaceful settlement are blown further away with each rocket and tank shell.

We know that violence does not solve any political impasse.

We are calling for an immediate and complete end to all military operations in and around Gaza.

We demand that this ceasefire happens now and that humanitarian relief can be allocated to the grieving and suffering people of Gaza.

We call on the people of Northern Ireland to make their voices heard by joining our peace rally.

* Please bring Trade Union banners and white flags and ribbons, symbolising our belief in a peaceful future for Israel and Palestine *