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Lobby your MP this Saturday re: Gaza

Mr Lobby | 05.01.2009 17:58 | Palestine

Please lobby your MP this Saturday or Sunday regarding the ongoing massacre in Gaza.

You can get the details of your MP from, ask to attend their constituency surgery or if they will attend a meeting of the local peace group.

I realise that this is not perhaps the revolution that we're all hoping for but this is a practical step that we can take to try to stop ongoing massacre in Gaza.

Maybe you could ask about:-

-What is their view on the bombing of civilian areas of Palestine?
-Will the UK withdraw it's ambassador from Israel?
-What about the claims that Israel is using white phosphorous, cluster bombs and depleted uranium?
-What will they be asking in parliament regarding the massacres?

When you have arranged a meeting, perhaps you can put details on here to alert others who might wish to attend.

As a final note, please remember to be polite and rational in your communication with any MPs. While anger is undoubtedly the correct response to events in Israel, getting angry at MPs will only alienate them and encourage a bunker mentality. You will probably find some MP's offensive and ignorant about the plight of the Palestinians; the first step to winning such people over is to convince them that friends of Palestine are decent people, who they can at least get along with.

Good luck!

Mr Lobby