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Occupation forces targeting health workers, preventing medical aid to wounded

global intifada | 05.01.2009 06:20 | Palestine

january 5th statement from the popular front for the liberation of palestine (pflp)

The scorched-earth bombing, the massive military invasion, and the targeting of women and children by the Israeli occupation forces is continuing for the tenth day as of January 5, 2009.

The Israeli army continued to target homes, killing an entire family - a mother, father and five children - as they slept in the middle of the night. 70 martyrs fell in the last 48 hours of the ground invasion, making the total number of martyrs 509 and the total number of wounded 2450 during the ongoing aggression against our people in Gaza.

The destruction of the civilian infrastructure and the closing of Gaza's borders and the siege have also continued, as the occupation declared that Gaza's borders - including the Rafah crossing with Egypt - would remain closed "for the length of the operation," cutting off the access of the people of Gaza to medical aid, food aid and other emergency supplies. Tens of aid trucks from people around the world, particularly containing medical assistance and supplies, are being held at Rafah crossing and not permitted to enter.

Targeting of medical workers

The Israeli occupation forces have also continued to target medical workers and ambulances, often preventing wounded Palestinians from receiving emergency care.

Arafah Abduldayim, a volunteer ambulance driver, was murdered by the occupation forces as he drove an ambulance to Al-Awda Hospital on January 4, 2009. Two others were injured in the occupation attack.

In addition, the poisoning of our environment and destruction of resources through bombing oil reserves and sewage systems has also continued.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has distributed a call to the international medical institutions, Doctors Without Borders and World Health Organization, calling health workers around the world to stand in solidarity with Palestinian health workers under siege.

The PFLP also saluted the miracles being done by the dedicated and committed doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, paramedics and all other health workers and volunteers in Gaza.

Towards victory!

global intifada