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Solidarity with Palestine Protest, Israeli Embassy - Pictures

fil | 30.12.2008 02:56 | Palestine

Photos of todays demo outside the embassy in London.


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Colonialist Zionism & Israel:

30.12.2008 08:27


nothing but _TROUBLE_ for the past 75 YEARS!!


Barbarism = Zionism = Racism

What's in a name?

30.12.2008 14:26

Would you like to clarify what happened 75 years ago that was the begging of the Zionist movements trouble that, as you seem to be arguing, finds itself currently in a massacre in Gaza?

Counting back 75 years from today leads us to 1933, a year which doesn't bring anything to my mind of critical importance for the Zionist movement.

Well, unless what you are referring to, between the lines, is Hitler's seizing of power as Chancellor of Germany in February of that year. So, what you might be saying, if i might deduce this from your passionately typed few words, is that Zionism is the continuation of the German National Socialist project to this day; a continued discourse on UK indymedia which has led to the resignation of a number of it's core collective.

I wonder if anyone might answer this:

After all the ethnic cleansing inflicted on the Palestinian people since and prior to the establishment of the State of Israel, how libertarian do you believe a Palestinian state would actually be? Would it be able to fully protect itself from the neo-imperialist meddling of every other major power in the world as unlike Israel? Would it eschew relativism and lack fundamentalist forms of religion, economics and politics as unlike Israel? Would it shun the opportunity to ascent a military-industrial complex if given the chance as unlike Israel? Would it be a state unlike all others which doesn't try to vamp up racism in order to justify its own condition for existence as unlike Israel? Would it extol no aggressively-defensive victim complex drawing from its history of persecution, as unlike Israel?

If Palestine declared itself independent today, do you honestly believe that it would not bear traces of its historical persecutors jackboot 60 years from now? Because, though I have been involved in numerous struggles for Palestinian justice and peace, I could not honestly say to myself that a Palestinian state would avoid such a predicament.

If Palestine became the overwhelming perpetrator of persecution as Israel is today; if 60 years from now there was a free Ramalla obliterating an occupied Tel-Aviv, would you be calling them Nazis too?

What's in a name?

If the Republic of Ireland caused genocide in Northern Ireland like the English did to them prior, wouldn't you agree it would be insult to the names of all those who died at the hands of the English to call them the name of their persecutors, the English? It would be to deny the unique value of their persecution.

I think the barbarism would lie in calling the Palestinians anything but Palestinians. I would still seek to honor the scars upon their cultural memory and remember how deep they go.

Israel repeatedly denies how much suffering there is amongst the Palestinians and so gravely deepens the wound; as Britain does all over the world; as all racists, sexists, arbitrary judges - all persecutors do to their victims; as the poster above, Latuff and many others involved in the struggle for Palestinian justice do either in ignorance or in bile in regards to the weight of the suffering inflicted upon Jews; the weight that manifests itself like all other nationalisms, in violent proclamations of defensiveness.


Pink Flames?

30.12.2008 18:48

Would someone care to explain what's going on in the bottom-most picture, because its not every day something aflame appears on a London demo. Is it a flare, a la German black-bloc, or is it a bonfire which has come out weird in the photo?

Rebel W