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National Anti-Vivisection Day of Action - Mon 19th Jan

anon | 29.12.2008 14:57 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Repression | Cambridge | Oxford

In solidarity with SHAC campaigners in court on this day for sentencing(and all other animal rights prisoners)

On Monday 19th January, 7 SHAC campaigners will be sentenced at Winchester Crown Court for conspiracy to blackmail Huntingdon Life Sciences. The 7 have done nothing more than help to co-ordinate and join peaceful protests aimed at closing down this evil hellhole. They could each potentially be sentenced to up to 14 years in prison!!

Assuming they do all receive custodial sentences(extremely likely), these convictions will bring the total number of animal rights prisoners in the UK to 17, many of them serving long term sentences. With more trials in the pipeline in 2009, the total number of prisoners of compassion is likely to soar to an all time high. The animal rights movement is clearly under attack - more laws, raids, arrests and convictions are likely. NETCU and police forces across the UK are no longer content with going after activists taking part in illegal actions. Over recent years, they have designed and implemented a range of new laws, all geared towards criminalising activists running legal campaigns and those who peacefully protest.

Please don`t just accept this co-ordinated attack on our freedom to protest - STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!!!

Gregg, Natasha, Dan A., Heather, Gerrah, Gavin and Dan W. don`t want lots of supporters to attend their sentencing at court. What they want is for YOU to get active out on the streets or in any way you can. Demo your local lab, customer, supplier or animal breeder. Hand out leaflets outside your local Cancer Research UK or British Heart Foundation charity shop. Set up a town centre stall to raise awareness, stage a publicity stunt, go door to door leafletting or write letters to the press. (send for leaflets from SHAC, SPEAK, Uncaged, Animal Aid etc)

More and more draconian laws will NEVER stop the animal rights movement. We will NEVER stop fighting for those that can`t speak up for themselves. The SHAC 7 can`t join the demos but YOU can!!

GET UP, GET OUT AND GET ACTIVE on Monday 19th January 2009.



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29.12.2008 20:43

"The 7 have done nothing more than help to co-ordinate and join peaceful protests aimed at closing down this evil hellhole."

I was at dozens of Shac demos in the early days. I wouldn't call it violent but it certainly wasn't 'peaceful'. Before laws were brought in on home demos, many actions involved big groups dressed in masks doing night demos at people's homes, banging (sometimes smashing) on their windows, etc. Home addresses, phone numbers, etc were published predictably leading to death threats, property being trashed and people being attacked i.e. Brian Cass and Andrew Gray. The newsletters with the home address said 'Adopt a Worker'. They didn't say to keep things peaceful. It was clearly a campaign of intimidation which was effective as since those methods have mainly stopped due to new laws the campaigns success has been thwarted.

The danger of sending out the message that peaceful protestors are getting jailed is that it will put people off doing any sort of campaigning. Shac went beyond 'peaceful protest'.


You were on SHAC demos in the early days? In uniform were you?!

29.12.2008 21:58

Our troll (Toddy) is becoming more subtle. Instead of outright opposition which everyone can see through, they try to sow dissension in the ranks by suggesting there is a split between the radical and the less radical. And also to perpetuate the lie that the people recently convicted were somehow involved in illegal direct action.

Very good timing to push these ideas as if they were coming from the animal rights movement, just before sentencing. Prejudicial?

The UK SHAC 7 were just convicted for running a standard legal campaign such as many groups run. The lies of omission in the media give the impression that they were the people taking illegal direct action, when they were never charged or accused of this. Pure guilt by association, which sets society down a dangerous road.

Police and state oppression is increasing, and not just for animal rights, and not just in this country. That is a fact whether we like it or not. We can adapt our tactics. Whatever they do, we can work round them.


Droll not troll

29.12.2008 22:59

It's so lame to call someone a 'troll' because I have a difference of opinion. Grow up!

Toddy Munch

To Toddy

30.12.2008 15:09

What you don’t seem to understand, or choose not to understand, is that no one is denying direct action was used by some activists against HLS and associated companies and no one is saying the defendants condemned this type of action either. However what is being said is there is no evidence that the defendants were involved in, or incited, the type of actions listed on television reports.

So what is to be understood by this case is that a campaign is fully responsible for the actions of all its supporters. A campaign should ‘baby sit’ activists and speak out against every illegal action they make or be faced with responsibility for the other activist’s actions.

This will be a problem for networks and groups like Smash EDO, Earth First and Climate Camp the police need only arrest the group organising the EF! gathering, the people who promote the EDO protests etc. and then hold them responsible for the actions of anyone campaigning on the same issue or using the campaign name, anyone taking action against EDO/ITT or who attacked the power station during Climate Camp.


As Regards Toaddy Munch

30.12.2008 16:43

The best way to deal with these idiots is just to completely ignore them. If one responds, just encourages them to post their rubbish.

Vicky Beckham