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Police launch massive attack on Palestine solidarity demonstration!

stop the war coalition | 28.12.2008 17:25

A massive Palestine solidarity demonstration outside the Israeli embassy has been brutally attacked by police. Only about 800 demonstrators turned up and therefore they were not able to defend themselves very against the heavily tooled up police who laid into the demonstrators with batons and many numerous violent arrests.

There will be another demonstration tommorrow outside the Israeli embassy in Kensington High Street at 4pm until 6pm, Monday 29th December. People need to turn up to show solidarity with the people of Gaza and the people who were beaten and arrested on todays Palestine solidarity demonstration.

stop the war coalition


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police state

28.12.2008 18:07

even in a totally paecefull demo the cops beat people and arrest innocent people ..after people are against when anarchists atttack cops or do direct actions ...we need to stand united and FIGHT THE POLICE STATE HERE AND AROUND THE WORLD ...remmenber 2 weeks ago cop killed 15 years old boy in greece ..riots evrywhere ....shoew solidarity SMASH POLICE STATE ....UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS TAKE THE STREETS 2MORO AND ALWAYS UPRISING EVERYWHERE


stopthewar are racists

28.12.2008 20:25

look at them.

they are part of the problem.

now they are even praising Obama

what a bunch of nutters.

Obama berated McCain for not bombing Pakistan targets.

now gw bush is doing it.

before long, they'll be bombing all the Muslim countries.

the military


y Israel are only possible because of decades of intellectual wars against Muslims.

stop to think. and you will find that the only Arab thinker the west ever allowed was a Palestinian Christian who was given a job in a new York university.

no Muslim is considered fit., either as a thinker. or as an academic.

and without the Muslim intellectuals being heard you cannot start to stop the attacks on Muslims.

stop and think.

what is the point of demonstrating year in year out?

you can only mean it if you intellectually separate yourself

against the state of Israel.

but none of these demonstrators
will do that.

they have nothing to say for Islamic culture.
to them Islam is all wrong.

this crusade mentality is behind the uselessness

and the lack of impact of these demonstrations on the western regimes. They are all for Israel.

stop and think about the culture. think deep. think about humanity and society., and evaluate all values. do so without prejudice. then may we can start to stop the violence...

if you keep thinking

violently against Muslims then what kind of peace can follow from this

Stop and think..

universalise the thinking. stop and think impartially....

you can't do this by jumping up and down and waiting for the next excuse to go and demonstrate.

demonstrations will get uglier...

the mps are backing uglier powers against civilians
stop and think..

what are the Tories doing? yeah, they had Davis rebelling against 42 days... but what about the rest of the powers for policing that Brown, Jacqui Smith are pushing on with?

how many left mps have made a big noise about these?

how many trade unions?

if you think that the

1990s poll tax

demo at Trafalgar square is going to be repeated


oe of these ones, you may find that that is unlikely to happen...

the culture was behind the poll tax protesters in Trafalgar square.

Everyone who was a genuoien protester against poll tax waqs also against Thatcher.

Emotionally. Instinctively. Politically culturally

the British and the western political, media and literary cultures

are ferociously geared against Muslims and against Islam...

so while they

may make a few polite noises, they really don't feel that much bothered about the Muslims getting massacred. Muslims ‘do tend to be targets of massacres’ in the entire major raging ‘wars’ today

how many world spots can you name that are getting beaten up and massacred by the nato, the usa etc?

almost all the main ones are Muslims.

being Muslim, in the world means being the legitimate target of military violence

by the world’s supposed civilisers.

stop and think about these...
and then may be demonstrate...



28.12.2008 21:24

I agree with the poster above 100%, stop the war does not care about muslims, they have their own political agenda, like supporting Obama.


sod the swp

28.12.2008 22:26

this wasn't an swp demo, they are jumping on a bandwagon as usual, and acting as if its "theirs". the danger is that other folk then don't come to demos because they don't want to be part of an swp event. so please take note : whatever they may try to claim, this wasn't an swp event and neither will tomorrow's be.
they will probably try to swamp it with their placards as they often do but as long as there's plenty of individuals and groups there who aren't swp then they'll fail. they succeeded in dominating the anti-war protests to such an extent that most other voices were silenced, i hope that won't happen here.


what's the stop the war coalition's agenda?

29.12.2008 01:55

the stop the war coalition has not been very successful. in fact it's been downright unsuccessful. it has worked hard to prevent any meaningful protest from taking place. dissent from this country's aggressive foreign policy has been diverted into meaningless a to b marches, with the usual suspects - the tony benns and george galloways of this world - giving the usual speeches to the usual crowds in the usual places. if the state sat down and designed the sort of protest organisation they'd want to have i suspect it would look very like the stop the war coalition.

Edward McKenna

SWC arent racis!, use that word properly, they have sat on radical popular

29.12.2008 05:38

protest though & blocked alot of NVDA, though alot of their SWP members believe in the tactics of Leon of Trotsky.

Universal Confederalist

on jan 3rd

04.01.2009 13:41

swp took every opportunity to sell their silly little paper along he road side.
why do they feel the need to be part of every cause and jump around like a 3 year old telling everyone at every opportunity who they are and why you should join them.

though i saw a lot of their placards with the swp bit torn off and the web address removed by demonstrators