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Wednesday (12/24): Reports from Greece

dim | 25.12.2008 04:31 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Big demonstration in solidarity with the arrestees through the main shopping district. The occupations of the university buildings are ending and more actions are planned.

Today's demonstration in solidarity with the arrestees on the past days events was called by anarchists but more people took part or joined in as the protest was going. Around 2000 people participated. The demonstration was powerful but peaceful and it went through the most commercial street of Athens (Ermou), it reached Sintagma square and it returned back where it started using a different route. There was some tension when the protesters were passing outside the Athens Cathedral but since it was decided that this would be a peaceful demonstration, only slogan were written on the building and slogans were shouted against the church and the priests. The riot squads were following but they didn't dare to come close or attack the demonstration. The slogans that were shouted during the protest were very original and not only against the state or the cops but also against consumerism and the those who keep closing their eyes on the events and went to do their christmas shopping, like nothing has happened.
Those who were arrested and are now in prison, waiting trial (which can take several months) released a statement today which concludes: “our bodies may be imprisoned but our mind and spirit are with those still fighting outside”.

In the Polytechnic University there was a new assembly today, after the demonstration. The assembly decided to end the occupation (but not the fight) at midnight. The occupants of the Economic university (ASOEE) had also decided to end the occupation for now and left the building this afternoon to join in the demonstration. Both of the occupations (along with the one at the Law School) were kept for 18 days and despite the frequent attacks by the cops, played a very big part on the revolt. The fight is not over thought and both the assemblies called everyone to participate on the demonstration on the 27th called by the assembly of the occupants of GSEE building a few days ago.

In Alimos (Athens), citizens took over the sound system that was set to play christmas songs and for an hour read communiques and their demands regarding the recent events, such as immediate release of the arrestees of the events, disarmament of the police, disbandment of the riot squads and cease to existent of the counter-terrorism law.

In Volos, the municipal radio station was occupied to speak about the events and the demands.
In Lesvos, protesters set up a sound system in the city center and transmitted messages.
In Ptolemaida, a christmas tree like the one in Ioannina was decorated with photos of Alexis and the protests and also the demands.
At the bridge of Gorgopotamos (famous because it was blown up by partisans during WWII, to cut off the Nazis supplies) a big banner was hung writing: “your tolerance through your couch is complicity”

About the shooting against the police van incident, more news released clearly show that this was an provocateur act. The police after running ballistic tests stated that the shots were fired by two AK-47s not just one! They also say that the attack took place from an old pump room inside the campus which has been squatted by students a few months ago and was used for projects and workshops such as construction of wind generators, reusing old material, use of open source software etc. Due to the events of the previous weeks all the planned events were postponed and the building hasn't been used for weeks. Both of facts make everyone even more suspicious about the motives of the attack.