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Greek trade-unionist brutally attacked

Greek | 24.12.2008 16:00 | Migration | Repression | Workers' Movements | World

A female Greek trade unionist was attacked with cloric acid yesterday night. She is in critical condition in the intensive care of the hospital Evangelismos in Athens

Konstanina Kouneva, a member of the board of the grass-roots trade union of cleaners in Athens got brutally attacked yesterday with cloric acid. She was on her way home when 2 unknown individuals attacked her with the acid.

K. Kouneva is an immigrant living in Greece the last 15 years. She is working as a cleaner for one of the companies of the Athens metro (HSAP). She is one the most active members of the trade union and she is involved in several actions and protests for the rights of the workers of the cleaning sector in Greece. The sector of cleaners is one of the worst sectors in Greece in terms of underpayment, marginal employment and violation of employment legislation. Her latest action was in support of cleaners that were forced to confirm the receipt of the end-of-year bonus while never receiving it in reality.

The attack came after several threats for her life that she has recently received. K. Kouneva has also been openly threatened to stop her trade union activity. Recently she was deliberately transferred to an inconvenient location and she was changed shifts against her will.

The latest reports for the condition of her health say that she is in danger of becoming blind and that she is completely burnt.

Protest actions are being planned. Solidarity is required!