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SHAC campaign against HLS continues despite the convictions says the Guardian

Mandy in Camden | 24.12.2008 10:25 | Animal Liberation | Bio-technology | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

Today's Guardian reveals that the campaign against HLS continues regardless of the trial & convictions of Heather, Dan & Dan, Gavin, Gregg and Natatsha and Gerrah. There are fears that if people can get a 14 yr sentence for daubing cars and sending sanitary towels in the post there are people who will "do something worth getting 14 yrs for", especially if people such as Heather recieve as such.


For those of you who don't know about HLS and SHAC....what happened is that Channel 4 went undercover and revealed such shocking bad practice and animal cruelty the nation was horrified. Data was falsified, men were filmed punching four month old beagles in the face, live autopsies were carried out on consious animals while scientists whooped and jeered, one "scientist" WAS in fact a convicted peadophile, workers were filmed playing a sex game with a dog, the Good Laboratory Practice was broken hundreds of times, the lab had their licence revoked and HLS workers were prosecuted.

As result of the TV footage and other undercover investigations and anumber of newspaper articles the SHAC campaign was formed.

Campaigners against HLS include trauma surgeon Jerry Vlasak who used to be vivisector and is now a prolific SHAC campaignes, Dr Joe Harris a cancer researcher and many others.

Mandy in Camden


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