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LCAP occupies RBS - people power, not bankers' bonuses!

LCAP | 23.12.2008 19:02 | Social Struggles

On Monday 22nd December, members and sympathisers of London Coalition Against Poverty disrupted work at the headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland - protesting government money going to bankers' bonuses, not public welfare.

LCAP banner inside RBS offices
LCAP banner inside RBS offices

LCAP santas outside RBS
LCAP santas outside RBS

Dressed up as Santa Clauses, a group of people distracted the security guards while another group passed the security barrier and went upstairs to hand out flyers to RBS workers, including those on a trading floor. The flyers explained that, this year, city bankers will be getting large Christmas bonuses while four in ten children in London, and eight of ten in neighbouring borough of Tower Hamlets, live in poverty. With large cuts in funding to essential housing and welfare services, more and more poor folks are being turned to the streets and to charities for basic living supplies like food. The protesters were eventually pushed out to the street, where they handed out more flyers and held banners reading "Bonuses for the poor, not the rich". The demonstration ended peacefully.

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how about exposing tower hamlets council?

23.12.2008 20:02

All the accusations levelled against hackney also apply to tower hamlets council. So why not take action against tower hamlets council

london community audit


23.12.2008 23:32

v seriously

burn the leeches out

london community audit why dont you take action against tower hamlets council

24.12.2008 12:58

Dont expect everyone else to organise , do it yourself!

Aunty capitalist

Video News Report

28.12.2008 12:11

of the santas taking it to city fat cats.

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LCAP, Hackney and Tower Hamlets

28.12.2008 21:19

Hi. I'm sorry we didn't see this before. Probably now no one will read this reply but...

LCAP would like to be active in every borough, but currently there just aren't enough activists - though we have taken action in Tower Hamlets. If you'd like to be involved in taking action in your borough, or a borough near you, get in touch. Once we have enough contacts in a given area, we can hook them up and try and get something going.

Just get in touch.

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