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Greek solidarity actions in ex-USSR - very short report

ru_Indymedia | 23.12.2008 17:33 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

On the 20th of November there were at least 10 actions in solidarity with Greek protesters in ex-USSR countries.

Barnaul, Siberia (Ru) - small anarchist demonstration disrupted by cops, some people detained

Erevan, Armenia - a small picket near Greek embassy

Irkutsk, Siberia - a small picket with leaflets. The banner destroyed by Siberian frost (lower than 30 degrees Celsius)

Kiyv, Ukraine - a banner "Cop means legal murderer" hanged in the center of the city; a picket near Ministry of interior

Krasnoyarsk, Siberia - a picket with a large banner "State is murderer". Greek flag burnt and torn to pieces.

Minsk, Belarus - police department attacked with smoke bombs.

Odessa, Ukraine - a picket near Greek consulate (16th of December); leaflets and graffiti around town

Saratov, Russia - banner drop - "Cops murder not only in Greece"; anti-cops graffiti around town

St.Petersburg, Russia - a bank in the center of the city was attacked with paint bombs

Tyumen, Siberia - a small picket with leaflets and a black flag

Check these links if you want to see some pictures and videos. More reports will follow.

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23.12.2008 17:44

it was 20th of December, of course, not November


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