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SHAC CITY SHAKEDOWN: Protest 27th Feb 2009!

SHAC | 20.12.2008 18:43 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | South Coast

Friday 27th February 2009 - London - mass protest against the vital financial companies who are keeping HLS open... be there!


WHEN? >> 27th February 09, 12 noon

WHERE? >> Bank of England, London

Nearest tube: Bank. The protest will meet here and proceed to march through the financial districts of London, finishing at the New York Stock Exchange.

WHY? >> We have reached a critical time. HLS' financials are wobbling dangerously close to the edge and enough persuasion to key financial institutions could be enough to close them. Click here for more information about the financial aspects of the campaign.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN? >> We will be meeting at the Bank of England, central London, on Friday 27th February at 12 noon. From this point we will have a brief speech, before moving off together.

The day will all be about focusing on HLS' key financial supporters. We will be conducting demonstrations against several targets that are either major shareholders or are listing HLS, enabling them to stay open. The demonstrations will of course be entirely legal, as the entire day as been organised with the help of the police. Once we have finished the demonstrations, we will return in a loop back to the Bank of England where we started. Any further questions, don't hesistate to contact us on!

Transport is being arranged from across the country, so if you don't want to make your own way there, get in touch and we can help you find a minibus or shared car from your area.

[more information, downloadable banners, leaflets and posters are available here]

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A quick reminder...

20.12.2008 20:47



You must be joking

22.12.2008 12:45

Support SHAC ? You must be having a laugh !

The police infiltrated, grassing, money making, comrade sellout, hiding the truth SHAC ?

SHAC, the organisation that has done more damage to the animal rights movement in Britian than the idiot plod ever managed,
the organisation that sold its friends down the river just when they most needed help,
the group that puts making money above animal welfare under the justification of expenses for activists, t
the little bunch of sell outs that realised they had the potential to give up work and make a nice living on the backs of the animals and those of us that want to help.
the bastards who knew that all the information from Sean's PC was compromised but instead of dealing with it and warning people tried to cover it up
the organisation that stood by while activists were arrested in raids all over Britain and then said it was nothing to do with them even they it was SHAC supporters lists the police used.

No I won't be coming to your little demo, I'll be working with friends I trust to help and save animals SHAC you can go to hell, I hope you go there soon

I don't think so


22.12.2008 21:35

Check link for black & white poster, leaflets & web banners...

- Homepage:

Can't the troll comment be removed?

23.12.2008 19:14

The comment titled "You must be joking" is obviously an anti animal rights troll, probably the sad person who does the shacwatch site. Can things which are clearly trolls be removed?


Hysterical "you must be joking" comment above...

29.12.2008 12:00

Not the same old shit coming from the same old people. You really should keep your bleating lies to your shacwatch blog, troll!

People have every right to choose not to come on the demo, or not to support shac. That is down to individual opinion and choice. But please, Indymedia must be getting pretty tired of your same old ramblings by now, "shac has killed the movement in this country", "sean's hard drive was copied", blah blah etc. Your verbal diahorrhea needs to stop, as it is so blantantly made up, we are laughing at you every time you type more comments!


Surely if you include anti-capitalists and anarchists within AR

06.01.2009 10:01

You would want to shut down the whole banking system not just that little part that may deal with HLS finances.
Will everything be ok then. It seems this single issue blinkered mentality is what isolates and polarises the animal rights movement from everything else as it seems to miss the bigger picture...

No I am not a troll or pig or alien, just a person giving his widely held opinion!


Banking System

11.01.2009 12:34

You think enough people will turn up to shut down the banking system?

Lets just stick with achievable goals for now eh? That's what SHAC has proven beyond a doubt, you can cripple a corporation with a small campaign if you just bite off what you can chew, one target at a time.



24.02.2009 14:04

My mother has alzheimer's disease

Rusty Spanner
mail e-mail:

Bollocks, you dont give a shit about anything but your little cause and you

24.02.2009 19:25

never have! Don't pretend other wise. Open your eyes and see the bigger picture please and embrace a world beyond your little ghetto.....


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