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Tuesday (12/16): reports from Greece

dim | 17.12.2008 04:57 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Tuesday (12/16): reports from Greece

The highschool students in Arta, Chania, Koridallo (Athens) demonstrated today. There was also a gathering of students outside the courtrooms in Athens in solidarity with the arrestees.
It was made known today that the ministry of education has started investigations on schools to find and punish teachers that support the students and accompanied them to demonstrations. The students themselves are threatened by some teachers and principals that there will be punishments if they occupy their schools etc, in many cases the threats are personal, against particular students.

In the early afternoon a group of 50-70 anarchists attacked the Riot police headquarters in Athens with rocks, sticks and molotov cocktails. They broke the building's windows and doors and set on fire 4 police cars and 1 police van. 2 cops were injured.

In the afternoon during the prime minister's speech, students entered the studios of NET, a public national tv station, carrying banners on which was written: “Stop Watching, Everyone Take to the Streets”, “Free the Prisoners”, “Freedom from everybody” and changed the image from the prime minister to them! The station almost immediately stopped the program and the students were removed without having the chance to make any announcements. However the picture of the students in the studio holding the banners made it to the media and the messages was clear. Later on the manager of the greek public television made a ridiculous announcement condemning the protest and attacking the activists. All these days the media (NET included) is playing along with the government, degrading the protests, informing wrongly on purpose and fomenting the police brutality. It is said that the manager of the greek public television will resign because of the “intrusion”. It is remarkable that after the murder of a 16 year old kid by the cops and heavy riots and public revolt for 10 days now, the only one who's resigning (or forced to resignation) is a... tv manager!

In the afternoon, 1000 residents of the Exarchia area, the area where the 16 year old Alexandros was murdered had another demonstration against the presence of heavy police forces on their neighborhood for many years now. With (at least) 2 riot squads and numerous cops (many undercover) in the area at all times, the neighborhood looks more like an occupied area than a residential neighborhood in a free country. The residents had to face the riot squads again, even on this effort to show that the heavy police presence is unwelcome and it only brings problems. Don't forget that there were many incidents the last few days that the residents pushed the riot squads away, threw them lemons or sprayed them with water from their balconies and let people who were in danger of been arrested into their homes to hide.
more photos:

In Patras there was a big demonstration which was peaceful in the biggest part. 2 banks and an major insurance company were attacked and had their windows smashed.

The city of Athens went all merry and festive today. The new big christmas tree was lighten up in Sintagma square. The previous one was set on fire during the riots last week. The mayor of Athens seems to forget that an innocent kid was killed in the city just 10 days ago. Fortunately about 200 activists were there today to remind it to him and everyone else. They protested by laying down in front of the christmas tree.

A building was occupied today in Serres and will be the place for meetings about actions in the city and also a center for informing the city citizens.

Police brutality is never sentenced in Greece
Today the trial of the “clay pot” incident ended. For those of you who don't know: In 2007 the Cypriot student Augoustinos Dimitriou was heavily beaten by a big group of cops. The police first claimed that the student injured himself (photo of the student after the beating: ) when he stumbled and fell on a flowerpot. But the cops didn't know that the whole thing was filmed by a camera in a nearby building. Then the video reached the media and the brutality and the lies of the police were made public. At the incident there were not 2 or 3 cops but more than 15 cops and those who were not beating the student, didn't try to help him or stop their coworkers (cops in plain clothes). See the video of the incident: 13 months later, the judge punished the 8 of the cops with sentences scaling from 15 to 39 months. The sentences can be either bought off or be suspended which probably means that no cop will be put to prison! This is the greek justice system!

Everyday that passes, more photos, videos and testimonies of police brutality are seeing the light of day. Here are some

The riot squads breaking up a peaceful student sit-in outside the main police department in Athens and violently arrest two underage students:

Another video of riot cops together with cops in plain clothes or parastate thugs with masks, carrying sticks, pretending to be protesters. One of those “protesters” who was photographed some days ago was recognized and it was published the police station he works in. I guess the police, the media and the judges should stop wondering who is smashing the small businesses. What more proof do they need?

Finally, we should not forget to congratulate the police of Rethimno for the great accomplishment against a fearsome outlaw. Yes, I'm talking about the 14 year old kid who threw an orange on a police building. It was a miracle that nobody got hurt by this terrorist act (thousands were at risk) and I would like to thank the police for arresting him! ...jerks



have alook also here .. VIDEO !!!

17.12.2008 09:25

have a look also here.. New VIDEO proofs of provo fascists and Police under cover pretending to be Rioters..