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reclaim the streets

greece on the streets | 12.12.2008 13:14 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

briefing from greece...

we need help-solidarity.
reclaim the streets.
we are trying to keep the streets ours but the police since tuesday night has changed attitube and has been attacking as using the help of fascists groups such as 'hrisi avgh' (golden morning).
this is not only for alexandros that was shooted last saturday by a cop downtown athens.this is for the 700euros a month that is the basic salary for a greek worker.this is for the prices at the supermarkets that have been rising and rising and we are at a state that we cannot buy chicken twice a week! this is for the govermental decision to create private universities while the public ones are downgraded day by day since they are not giving us books or teachers or classrooms.this is for the swat teams that occupied central streets of the major greek cities. we do not know yet where this is going, or what is the main demand that we have. we are trying to find it. try along with us.
most of the attacks that have taken place aim banks, governmental buildings, governmental symbols along the cities, super markets and international franchise shop chains for clothing,and electronics such as vodafone,wind,zara,benetton etc.
we wont denay that there ve been damages to other smaller enterprises.
since tuesday night police has been attacking us with lachrymators, plastic bullets, along with nazi-fascists groups, stones, and arrests of children is the 6th day we havent actually slept so we are getting a bit tired. we are getting short of molotov!(it s kind-a-funny! i d never thought i would ever ever say something like that- beer bottles are vanishing).

greece on the streets