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Sean Kirtley's Birthday + Xmas Prisoner Support + Sequani demo

NETCU WATCH | 08.12.2008 21:15 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Repression | World

Anarchist AR prisoner Sean Kirtley has a Birthday coming up soon on December 11th so please remember to send cards and letters of support. There will also be a solidarity demonstration happening outside Sequani labs on the 10th of December.

With Xmas coming up please remember to write to all prisoners and show your support during the time of the year. It can be a difficult during this time of when we all like to spend time with our families and loved ones yet they cannot.

For a full list of prisoners search google for.

Vegan Prisoner Support Group
Anarchist Black Cross

You can write to Sean at the following address.

HM Prison Stafford, 54 Gaol Road, ST16 3AW

Serving four and a half years for organising demonstrations against animal testing company Sequani.

Can send - cheques/postal orders made out to 'The Governor' (write prisoner/sender details on back) and self-addressed envelopes (SAEs).

- e-mail: warn at riseup dot net
- Homepage: