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Anarchy erupts in Exarchia, Central Athens! Come join the fun.

Zorba's Moustache grows longer by the day! | 08.12.2008 19:55 | Free Spaces | Repression | Terror War | World

In what the author is describing as 'the biggest anarchist insurrection he has seen since Claremont Road, and the Albanian insurrection' the entire periphery of the small neighbourhood of Exarchia in central Athens has been effectively sealed off from Police forces. Barricades are up in the streets and forces stand ready to repel the police!

Food not Bombs / Free Food supply, non-existant.
First Aid/ Medical Care, to be determined.
Decent computer setup for, to be determined ( too much traffic).

March went OK, on the whole, much of central Athens smashed. Tons of tear gas etc.

In Exarhia all is fairly quiet from the Polytechnic on in.

Solidarity with all those repressed on the demo today!

Zorba's Moustache grows longer by the day!
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