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Cops kill 15 year old student in Greece

Dimitris Koufontinas | 06.12.2008 21:59

Cops kill 15 year old student in Greece

Breaking news:

One fifteen year old Greek student was killed tonight by the Greek police, at 21:50 Standard Greek Time, in Exarhia Square. The policement claimed that the fifteen year old was part of a group which surrounded their police car and tried to break the windows. The police claims that they used at first flashbang grenades to force the crowd away from the police car. Failing that, one of the policemen fired a bullet from his gun, which alledgedly ricocceded against a marque and struct the fifteen year old in the abdomen.

The fifteen year old was pronounced dead 15 minutes later in Evaggelismos Hospital.

The police car was registered with the Exarhia Square police department.

This is the second time ever since the toppling of the Regime of Colonels where Greek policemen shoot and kill a minor

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Solidarity with the murdered student's family and rage against the police!!!

07.12.2008 00:11

This article tells another story of what happened in Athens:

Police murder 16 year old in cold blood!


The same story ... 23 years later

07.12.2008 00:19

Unfortunately, this is the result of incompetence and lack of training of young policemen who carry guns and think that life is a movie. The main responsible for that is the head of the police and the head of the ministry of internal affairs. Have you ever wondered why u.k. policemen dont carry guns? The gun was not against a straight threat. That has been stated already. All the evidence so far show it was a murder in cold blood. The minister resigned but the resignation was not accepted. And the show will go on....
There was an identical incident in 1985 when 15 year old Michalis Kaltezas was murdered in cold blood, shot in the back by a policeman called Athanasios Melistas who was later on declared innocent (in the second degree court). And all that happened in Greece... Hellas ... the land were the idea of democracy was born....



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But he was trying to destroy the police car, right?

06.12.2008 22:44

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say the death of this young lad wasn't tragic, but instead of blaming the cops maybe we should blame the older members of the violent gang he was hanging out with for leading him astray.


Ricardo, you are so wrong...

07.12.2008 21:16

NOTHING can justify the murder of this kid. It dosn't matter that the police ALLEGE that the protesters were causing trouble. There's not supposed to be a death penalty in Greace for 'smashing windows'. You can never believe what the the police say anyway, remember when the cops shot Jean Charles de Menezes and they lead us all to believe that he jumped the barriers and was wearing "warm clothes in winter". Christ, what's wrong with you, Ricardo?!!!


To put things straight

09.12.2008 19:48

According to witnesses the cops provoked the youngsters and no damage happened on the car. Only two plastic bottles were thrown on it. As it can also been seen from a published video, the cops seemed to leave the scene....but only to park their car. They returned after a couple of minutes and the guy shot from a distance of around 50 meters according to a witness. he shot 3 times until he injures someone.....and guess what one dead.

Its a very weird event and it is early to judge. The sure is that some pigs drank or stoned found a way to show their masculinity. Not wanting to imply anything, there was a post somewhere saying that anarchists were not involved in the straight after riots in the area of the murder. Things are complicated cause misinformation is aimed by some people in greece. the struggle continues