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Pro-Forma text to send to police forces if your DNA is held

wrongly arrested | 04.12.2008 20:23 | Analysis | Repression | Social Struggles

Following todays ruling by the European Court of Human Rights it makes sense for activists to get their requests in right away. This will put pressure on the police to start removing DNA and fingerprint evidence were people have been arrested but not charged.

Suggested text below, modify, print off and get it in the post today!


Dear Sir/Madam
I write with reference to the storage of my personal data by your force, including fingerprints, DNA and photographs.

On the *** I was arrested and taken to *** Police station where the data was taken, I have always been ill at ease with the fact that this data would be stored indefinitely even though I was never charged with any offence

Following today’s ruling by the European Court of Human Rights I am writing to request that all the personal data collected about me on that day are erased from both *** and national police databases

I look forward to your early response on this matter

wrongly arrested



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