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new labour 'arbiter mach frei' attack on poor

campaign for real democracy | 04.12.2008 19:20 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Birmingham

the welfare reform bill is a vicious attack upon vulnerable people. Even proposing such authoritarian measures as using lie detectors on the sick.

The welfare reform bill is authoritarian and involves lie detecors for benefit claimants. Those who are too sick to work will be forced to find work. This is treating benefit claimants as if they are criminals; second class citizens. Suggestions to de-rail the bill may include challenging it through the human rights act, the european court of human rights, and other legal measures. lobby and write to your m.p, set up claimants support groups in your local area, make sure no claimant has to face these inhuman beurocrats on their own.

campaign for real democracy
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