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PLEASE HELP stop the EU sacrificing Climate, People & Food‏

concerned | 04.12.2008 03:28 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Social Struggles

EU legislation forcing up biofuel use in cars must be stopped - the harm that will be done simply cannot be underestimated.

Dear Supporters,

Your signatures would be a real help here!

On 17th December, the European Parliament is due to vote on two pieces of legislation, the Renewable Energy Directive and the Fuel Quality Directive, each of which will, in the absence of major amendments which are not now expected, lead to large-scale agrofuel expansion through long-term (2020) targets. Those laws are likely to trigger more land conversion, particularly in the global South, to grow fuel for Europe’s cars, at the expense of forests and people, climate, food and biodiversity.

According to the UN Environment Programme at current rates of deforestation, virtually all lowland tropical forest in Borneo and Sumatra, (their two research sites) will have been lost by 2012. Without intact tropical ecosystems, there is little hope of stabilizing climate even with drastic emission cuts.

Please help us by signing the two letters using the weblinks. This is not duplication, each letter targets MEPs in a different way.

1. Letter directly to your MEP, calling on them to vote against any proposals which include agrofuel targets and incentives and to demand support for genuinely sustainable renewable energy, energy efficiency and real drastic cuts in energy use instead.

2. A letter which will be sent to MEPs separately through Rettet den Regenwald

Finally the weblink to the first letter offers the opportunity to get others involved by sending the link on to your friends. Please help us by taking advantage of this.

Thank you! Your support is much appreciated.
The Biofuelwatch Team