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Hello London! What ethnic backgrounds have we got in tonight?

- | 03.12.2008 03:16 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles

Form 696 will require all live music performers in London to fill out 8 pages of personal details and expected ethnic background of the audience.

Any musician wishing to perform live in London will have to fill out an 8 page Form 696 of personal details including names, aliases, private addresses, phone numbers of all musicians and ethnic background of the expected audience.

All music venues will be required to collect the information and adhere to this 'scheme' or they could face losing their license, or even fines and prison time.

Although first sneaked into law in 2006, the Met police now seems to be trying to push the use of this legislation, which they say in their own inimitable way is in order to 'identify possible trouble makers'. Presumably of a particular ethnic background nonsensically predisposed to troublemaking.

Both the Musicians' Union and UK Music are seeking legal advice regarding Form 696.

Facebook group - Stand up to Form 696



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