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Newspaper of Anarchist Black Cross - St.Petersburg (Russia) – 2nd issue is out

ABC-SPb | 02.12.2008 18:28 | Repression | Social Struggles

Newspaper of Anarchist Black Cross - St.Petersburg (Russia) – 2nd issue is out


2nd issue of Black Cross, newspaper of Anarchist Black Cross - St.Petersburg (Russia) is out in November 2008. It contains the following materials: a chronicle of anti-cop campaign in Russia (Spring 2008), news on repressions against anarchists, antiauthoritarians and radical environmentalists in France, Greece, Germany, Japan and USA. In the “history of resistance” section we print an article about a hunger strike of anarchist political prisoners in Soviet Russia in 1922. There is also letters section and a list of addresses of imprisoned activists all over the world.

You can download the paper here -
(720 Kb., 10 pages, in Russian)

Your donations for the paper and just to support our ABC group will be very appreciated.

Anarchist Black Cross – St.Petersburg
Contacts: P.O. Box 32, St. Petersburg, 194291, Russia
e-mail – a4kpiter (at), antifa_spb (at)
webpage - coming soon!



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How to donate?

03.12.2008 16:33

I don't speak Russian, do you have a bank account or should I send a money order to the PO Box?



05.12.2008 20:27

yes, we have a bank account. please contact us by e-mail.