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Now it's 96 hours of action - E-ON HQ occupied

minimouse | 01.12.2008 18:59 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos

48 hours of action turned into 96 hours today as Camp for Climate Action Santas occupied the Coventry HQ of climate criminal outfit E-On.

Santas glue on
Santas glue on

Entrance blockaded
Entrance blockaded


Festive santas indoors
Festive santas indoors

Big media interest
Big media interest

Four santas got nicked...
Four santas got nicked...

Shortly after 9am two mini buses packed with Santas arrived outside their headquarters and a score of festive protesters armed with sacks of coal poured in to the building.

For a good half hour they toured the offices, really scoring a bullseye when they inadvertently crashed the boardroom where a full scale meeting was in progress. Even after security managed to clear the upper floors the huge reception area was occupied until well into the afternoon.

Outside security goons and police created a cordon and refused entry to dozens of visitors. Clearly a good number of meetings were postponed as a result.

The mood soured slightly towards the end and extra grumpy police were summoned to kill the festive spirit. After some jostling the spectre of Scrooge emerged and four were arrested, charges not known.



Mainstream media links and more photos

05.12.2008 19:42

Also check out the BBC website for the news piece they broadcast on the day and the BBC Radio 4 World At One in depth piece on the climate change bill featuring the office occupation and an interview with a climate camper.

TV -


Plus, more photos and reports:

And don't forget the climate camp website and the E.on site:



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