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National E.On F.Off Actions Round Up

E.on | 30.11.2008 18:26 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Social Struggles

Over the past 48 hours E.on has been targeted across the UK. If your action is not listed below, email us ( to let us know what happened where you were.

Overall, the 48 hours of action was a great first shot across the bows. E.On were rattled, local and national media took an interest, resources were gathered and are now ready to go, a new website is now up and running, a list of targets has been compiled and E.on know that if they try to build a new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth then they will face a barrage of direct action - both towards their daily operations and their supply chain. E.on be warned.

City by city …

Brighton – 28th
Activists gathered in Brighton outside the Royal Bank of Scotland (the biggest British financier of coal projects, including E.On’s). Banners read ‘RBS and E.on Fund Climate Change’, ‘Coal is Dirty’ ‘Clean Coal – Yeah Right’ and ‘E.On F.Off’. Activists dressed as cleaners tried their hardest to clean the coal but just couldn’t manage it. Leaflets were distributed and coal juggling entertained passers-by.

Bristol – 28th
Bristol Rising Tide and activists from in and around Bristol had a day of shenanigans directed at the Royal Bank of Scotland, E.On and new coal – ending with a street party that shut down NatWest. This started with a banner drop on one of the flyovers crossing the M32 motorway running into the city centre. Over lunchtime the main RBS branch in the city centre was picketed, with activists handing out forged £20 banknotes to customers and passers-by, only to have an 'RBS bank robber' steal them back to give to E.On and the coal industry. A mock bank statement was also distributed showing RBS's investments in coal around the world set against the taxpayer funded bail out of the bank. The picket then moved on to an E.On 'Family Football' event in the Broadmead shopping centre. Mid afternoon saw over 50 activists gathering in the city centre for a reclaim the streets party. The party, with mobile sound system, roamed the city centre forcing the city centre branch of NatWest to close early and leaving the RBS branch very sticky after a very messy cake fight!

The Royal Bank of Scotland (owners of NatWest bank, Churchill and Direct Line
insurance companies) provides much of the finance for the power company E-On.

Photos –

Coventry – 28th
30 people (with quite a gathering from Warrick University and Coventry University) paid a visit to E.On’s UK headquarters. Banners were waved, leaflets handed out to staff and passers-by, subverted songs sung and fun was had by all. An E.On executive was serenaded and in a grand finale a massive game of ‘Carbon Capture British Bull Dog’ was played across the main road. The game showed that as carbon capture doesn’t exist on the scale E.On are talking about - all the carbon gets to escape! Everyone had fun, staff looked bemused and local media covered the event.
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London – 28th AM
Greenwash Guerillas (London Brigade, Detection Platoon #1), paid a protest-oriented visit to the London office of filthy climate criminal corporation E.On UK to confront a Short-Sighted Fat Cat and PR Pushers plugging 'Clean Coal' bullplop.
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London – 28th PM
London Rising Tide visited the FA Headquarters to protest about E-On’s push for new coal in the UK. The FA cup is sponsored by E.On, and a full team of Rising Tiders turned out to play football in T shirts bearing the names of the proposed new UK coal fired power stations.Yellow and Red cards explaining the facts about dirty coal were handed out to staff leaving the headquarters and passing public.
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Norwich – 29th
Activists from Norwich Rising Tide set up a spoof E.On stall on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s doorstep. The spoof (despite all materials reading E.On F.Off – including a table cloth, banner, t-shirts, leaflets, badges and stickers) fooled many of the public. Passers-by said things like “we don’t want to hear anything about E.On” and “I’m not a fan of E.On” (it really was amazing how hostile people were to E.On). Once they were informed that we were revealing the truth about E.on and coal most then happily took a leaflet and badge.

In total we gave out 400 leaflets and undertook a questionnaire on behalf of E.on.
Results showed that … 50% of people didn’t know that E.on plans to build a new coal fired power station – they do now. 90% of people didn’t know that RBS will part funding it – again we made sure to inform them of this fact. Lastly, 100% of people said they thought that coal fired power stations should be shut down and replaced with renewable energy sources. NRT intends to pass on their findings to E.on as soon as possible!
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Earlier in the week activists in Plymouth took to the street to near the Sund Dial, to spread awareness about the realities of “clean coal technology”. More details to follow ASAP.

Also, word just in - the areas around Ed Milliband's and Hilary Benn's have been decorated with E.On F.Off and Stop Coal stickers.

Other action reports are still coming in – we’ll add more to this page as they arrive.

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joining the dots ....

30.11.2008 22:39

I was there in Norwich and the people we spoke to were really pissed off about the banks getting bailed out by their taxes, the possibility of new coal-fired power stations being built and looming climate change. You could just see pennies dropping all over central Norwich after the shortest of exchanges.

Don't give up me hearties!!

Out in the streets.

A few more actions to add to the list ...

02.12.2008 10:49

Nottingham - Friday 27th
Nottingham students called a demonstration outside E.ON's city centre offices (Mount St, NG1 6PG). They met at 11.45 in front of the the town hall in Market Square on Friday 27th Nov. Then moved over to the offices at 12pm to flyer and protest about E.ON's plans to build a new coal fired power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, a venture that will wreck any serious plans to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet and its' population from the most disastrous effects of climate change. The policing and security arrangements seemed a little excessive to me, to manage 10 students and fluffy toy!
Photos -

Coventry - 1st Dec
48 hours of action turned into 96 hours today as Camp for Climate Action Santas occupied the Coventry HQ of climate criminal outfit E-On. Shortly after 9am two mini buses packed with Santas arrived outside their headquarters and a score of festive protesters armed with sacks of coal poured in to the building.

For a good half hour they toured the offices, really scoring a bullseye when they inadvertently crashed the boardroom where a full scale meeting was in progress. Even after security managed to clear the upper floors the huge reception area was occupied until well into the afternoon.

Outside security goons and police created a cordon and refused entry to dozens of visitors. Clearly a good number of meetings were postponed as a result. The mood soured slightly towards the end and extra grumpy police were summoned to kill the festive spirit. After some jostling the spectre of Scrooge emerged and four were arrested, charges not known.
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