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BNP Threatens Free Media

imc uk legal | 28.11.2008 23:51 | Analysis | Indymedia

Indymedia is yet again facing legal threats to prevent the free flow of communication, this time from a political movement known for its hostility to free speech. On the 21st November 08 Indymedia UK received an email from someone claiming to be a legal representative for the British National Party, threatening to take legal action on a number of counts for publishing information on BNP members.

After the hilarity of the “little Fuhrer”, Nick Griffin, running to the safety of the Human Rights Act to try to prevent the publication of members’ details, Britain’s fascist party has resorted to threats.

The letter sent to Indymedia by Lee John Barnes LLB (hons), from the “BNP Legal Affairs Unit”, threatens to take legal action, on the basis of theft, data protection and contempt of court, unless the list of members is removed.

The “lawyer” also attempts to shoehorn his charges into the form of anti-terrorism legislation, “The use of this information we feel is being hosted on your site for use only to incite acts of harassment, incite violence and direct targeted attacks against our members in the Leeds area”. He then goes on to explain the sections of the Terrorism Act under which Indymedia would be charged.

Indymedia rejects any accusation that the information could be used to incite violence and has strived to remove any comments that may be seen as incitement. One volunteer explains that there are many legitimate uses for the information, “for individuals to be able to check that their doctor, teacher, nurse etc. isn't a member of the BNP, for example”.

Indeed, Merseyside Police has already used the information in such a way to dismiss an officer, PC Steve Bettley, who has been exposed as a member. A spokesperson for the police said: “Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe has reiterated our position that membership of the British National Party is totally incompatible with the duties and values of Merseyside Police”.

Most incredibly Mr Barnes then explains, “I will also be issuing a request to our internal investigations team to initiate actions to collect your home addresses, contact details and financial details relating to you personally as persons running or hosting the Indymedia website”. Internal Investigations? Once the BNP has this information, it “will be used to initiate legal actions upon yourselves, to initiate financial sanctions against your company and also will be publicised on various websites so that people may contact you and address any legal issues they may have”. Pot, kettle, black?

Indymedia’s legal volunteers have been somewhat baffled by Mr Barnes’s email. One volunteer explains, "the BNP has been terrified by the fact that its members are being outed. You might expect these mouthy nationalists to wear their membership with pride, but this email exposes the BNP yet again as a bunch of cowardly thugs, utterly incoherent and amateurish."

Indeed, it seems to Indymedia that the BNP’s “Legal Affairs Unit” is about as impressive on law as its Policy Unit is on policy. Mr Barnes – now Director of the unit – proudly displays his incompetence in noting that the list of ALL members in the country leaves room for concern only for “our members in the Leeds area”.

The references to the Terrorism Act were described by Indymedia Legal as “plain stoooopid”, and it is doubtful that any qualified legal practitioner would make such claims. The threat may have joined the growing list of worrying misapplications of the Terrorism Act had it not been so laughable.

Mr Barnes’s threat to post personal information about Indymedia participants may in itself be illegal – it certainly would cause a registered legal practitioner to lose his credentials. Perhaps then, it comes as no surprise that the Law Society confirms that Barnes is NOT a qualified lawyer at all.

In fact, Mr Lee John Barnes LLB (hons) is an incoherent, buffoonish windbag who could well be charged with incitement himself.

Believe it or not, Mr Barnes lists his favourite music as Morrisey, Sinatra, Manic Street Preachers, Public Enemy and the Sex Pistols! But then fascists have always tended to like self-flagellation (for those of you unfamiliar, the bands range from the left to the far left).

If that weren’t enough, Mr Barnes’s mysticism should impress. In Mr Barnes’s fantasy world, he hails from “The Barnes Clan”, which “are of the Bjeorn bloodline - Bjorn meaning bear was changed to Barnes - and this is the surname of those that were once the Berserkers - the bodyguards of Norse kings and the fiercest men in battle”. Yes, indeed.

Such is Mr Barnes’s buffoonery, there are now whole web sites dedicated to “all things that are John Lee Barnes LLB (hons)” and to particular instances of his many gaffes.

More sinister material can be found elsewhere. Particularly disturbing is Barnes’s claim that, “This is not a game we are playing, this is a war and in times of war unquestionable obedience and loyalty to the commander in the field must come first, The 'First Law Of Nationalism' is - If you work with the enemy, then you are the enemy.”

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Is Barnes a danger to the community?

29.11.2008 07:50

One terrible example of Lee Barnes' insane ranting was demonstrated in the quotes contained within this item: 'The BNP's Lee Barnes: just an arrogant idiot or seriously disturbed?'

To hear how he behaves during a discussion programme, and to note his appalling arrogance, listen to the current edition of Radio Four's Moral Maze:

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free flowing information

29.11.2008 11:43

for anyone who has missed the bleeding obvious various public interest documents, some more interesting than others, can be found at

international sieve

BNP list is available on Freenet and can't be censored

29.11.2008 16:56

The BNP membership list is available on Freenet, which is an anonymous and uncensorable storage network.

You can connect to it by downloading the Freenet program from

Anyone can upload or download anything to the network totally anonymously. No authority can censor it unless they can shut down every person who is part of it, and there are 1000s of these all around the world.

Files on Freenet are identified by a long string of random-looking characters. The BNP membership list is here:

Once you have installed Freenet, you can view the BNP membership list in a web browser at this link:


Indymedia not the only one threatened

29.11.2008 19:20

Lee John Barnes LLB (Hons) is not only threatening Indymedia. Pete Marshall for example, has been having the same fun as us here. See reports on his blog:

my name
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if it aint hurting...

29.11.2008 01:59

if it aint hurting... it aint working

well done imc-uk!

this so called lawyer represents the very worst of the bnp. im no sympathiser but i respect those within the bnp who have stood up for what they believe and not tried to hide. we should defend free speech even if we dont agree with the message otherwise we will certainly loose our own right to speak out.
some factions within the bnp are behaving like nu-labour. who knows, next they will be seeking to arrest opposition mp's for speaking out. just like nu-labour and its political police.



29.11.2008 02:25

nice work, indymedia!

not given


29.11.2008 13:33

What do you expect, if you throw s##t at someone then there's a fair chance they are going to throw it back.


A Danger To Himself

29.11.2008 14:53

Personally the only danger Barnes is, is to himself and to the BNP. In one short interview he managed to undo all the hard work Griffin and darby had done in trying to portray the BNP as calm, rational people capable of reasoned argument.

Perhaps he's a plant, he's certainly a sap.


Guess what a physciatrists diagnosis of the BNP would be?

29.11.2008 15:07

Have a good look into personality disorders, the one with most links to the BNP is considered sadly almost uncurable. Many in the BNP display these trait, their leadership are blessed with it in spades.
Its party line,that of a fascist party claiming to be antifascist& antirascist is probably the most blatant case os its pathological lying. Barnes claim in Radio 4s Morale Maze that the BNP represent the white minority & people who stopped the nazis in world war 2 takes pathological lying to dizzying new heights.
The BNPs politics are at heart about as formidable as a rotten apple, at the european elections coming up this summer we need to support greens& radical independents on platforms asking for more direct democracy wherever the BNP stand & not just ask ask people not to vote. The Green party in England,Wales & Scotlands support of climate camp,its multiculturalism,trade unions,NO2&DefyID & of more direct democractic governance by the people are a step towards anarchism as defined by its best writers like Bakunin&Bookchin not corporate tabloids.

Common traits of psychopaths are:

" * Grandiose sense of self-worth
* Superficial charm
* Criminal versatility
* Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others
* Impulse control problems
* Irresponsibility
* Inability to tolerate boredom
* Pathological narcissism
* Pathological lying
* Shallow affect
* Deceitfulness/manipulativeness
* Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others
* Lack of empathy
* Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others
* A sense of extreme entitlement
* Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions
* Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle
* Poor judgment, failure to learn from experience
* Lack of personal insight
* Failure to follow any life plan
* Abuse of drugs including alcohol"

Dr Machno


29.11.2008 17:20

"Superficial charm"

Are we talking about the same Lee Barnes?


NF Membership List etc?

29.11.2008 21:45

So now that we have the BNP membership list and a tool that enables us to locate the nearest member, any chance someone can get hold of the NF membership database? Better still, the Labour Party membership list! I'm just itching to see how many local town hall officers are LP members.

Mala Testa

well done Indy!

30.11.2008 18:08

well done, and well done further for ragging Barnes like this! That this is the best the BNP has to throw at us legally this far down the line is just hilarious, the man's a fruit!

bill stickers

Indy Fascists

30.11.2008 19:04

Indymedia fascists have no respect for people's privacy.

A list of Indymedia volunteers names and addresses should be published.



30.11.2008 19:44

What are you on about?

WHO leaked the list?
Clue: Not Indymedia!

Where is the full list published?
Clue: Not Indymedia!

A hacked off Fash has leaked a list of Fash, now its all over the web like a rash....... your miffed (is your name on it?) and your trying to blame Indymedia..... Ha ha ha


fascists and racists calling other people fascists and racists

01.12.2008 10:34

This stroke of genius rhetoric seems to have originated with Der Fuhrer himself Nick griffin and has proved extremely popular with his subnormal horde. People are opposed to you turning Britain into a fascist state that favours white people? Then THEY must be the fascists for stopping you, and THEY must be racist for keeping whitey down!

bill stickers

As bad as 'Redwatch'

01.12.2008 11:53

I think that publishing the names and addresses of BNP members or linking to sites that do that is a bad idea. What is the difference between that and a site such as 'Redwatch' that does this to Socialists and anti-fascists? Publishing such details given the heated political climate will inevitably lead to attacks and or harassment. BNP members will live alongside family members and flatmates who may or may not share their views. It seems very irresponsible to me that you are defending the publichation of the list.

Just the facts

There's a man down our road who's a Nazi

01.12.2008 20:15

There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
He’s there on the list, that’s for sure
His hobbies are bowls and line dancing
And he lives at 204!
Well, I must say that he looks quite normal
And his wife makes a nice cup of tea.....
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
I’m glad he’s not next door to me!

He’s bald, but, no, he’s not a skinhead
He wears Hush Puppies, not those big boots
His dog’s a shitsu, not a pitbull
And he doesn’t goose step, he - commutes!
It’s a Rotary Club badge, I’m certain
That little one on his lapel
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
Goes to show that you never can tell .......

I bet that his wife is embarrassed
And she wishes that nobody knew
Now they’re calling her ‘Eva’ - that’s horrid!
Been expelled from the W.I. too......
Do they really? What, NOTHING but Wagner?
AND so loud that the neighbours complain?
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
And there’s talk of a local campaign!

Yes, I know you work at the newsagents.
What has that got to do with this tale?
You’re right! It’s the proof. Yes, we’ve got him.
Life subscription to the Daily Mail......
Who, of course, said ‘Hooray for the Blackshirts!’
Now it all makes complete sense to me.
There’s a man down our road who’s a Nazi!
He’s as Nazi as Nazi can be!

Appearing on the 5th December in Lewes Arms 8.30pm (01273 473152) as main guest at Oliver’s Poetry

Attila the Stockbroker

An Eye for an Eye unless its Griffins you can keep that one

02.12.2008 17:44

Yes you are right if you throw shit it gets thrown back.So what about when you put up details of right wing supporters?
Or burn out cars?
Oh yeah, we'll get round to replying shortly.

My Enemies Enemy is...well you know how it goes.

Basil Brush..Boom! Boom!


06.12.2008 15:47

Any more info on this yet?


Delberately misleading headline and faux whining

06.12.2008 18:37

The BNP is not "threatening" you but legitimately threatening legal action for breach of privacy and contempt of court.

Legality check

You are advised to visit this site via proxy server

07.12.2008 08:26

To avoid disclosure, please isit this site via a proxy server

Omo Powder
mail e-mail:


09.12.2008 16:22

Pot, kettle, black ... yes very true

However, it does concern me that your legal advice is being somewhat casual regarding this. I would be very shocked if this is legal advisors that you have contracted. Beware of asking legal advice 'favours' because you have no indemnity protection.

Firstly.... threatening legal action isn't really a threat - its a right. This is a common misconception, but I'm really surprised you hold it. You cannot seek protection from a legal 'threat' because it is not actually threaten in real terms.

Secondly, I've definitely seen many comments inciting violence and harrasement on this site's comments regarding BNP members. Blantantly so. IndyMedia is ultimately responsible for the contents of the published comments. "It is an offence at common law to incite another person to commit a criminal offence" so things are clearly black & white there.

Thirdly, The Terrorism act is new and somewhat untested, but inciting violence for violence's sake would not be incitement to terrorism. However, for incitement to commit terrorism, if a motive can be proved that the was designed to influence government or to intimidate the public or a section of the public then yes, this falls under the Terrorism act. The BNP is a section of the public. Again many comments (which you are ultimately responsible for publishing) were clearly motivated to wiping out the BNP through a policy of harrasement and possibly inciting violence.

So, unfortunately, they do actually have some reasonable points. I suggest getting some 'paid' legal advice if you havn't already.

mail e-mail: idaho

lee Barnes? The sane voice of the BNP?

12.12.2008 17:18

Barnes has mentioned before (I believe it was when he hijacked the BNP Forum and began banning and threatening everybody) that in a process of "transmogrification", he was able to turn into a bear for certain periods of time.Thus fully highlighting the true extent of his insanity.He also has UFOs (replete with flashing lights) visiting his house, which then follow him around.

Barnes has turned his fire on the plentiful enemies he's made on Scumfront, where as Walk Towards The Light he has spent a lot of time as one half of a double act with past winner of the BNP loopy-fruit of the year award, Purging the Droid.

There are also rumours that he has very interesting uses for yoghurt in his sexual life.

his blog most certainly makes amusing reading



21.12.2008 02:10

It has already happened in North America.



22.12.2008 00:34

What's already happened in North America?

Lee John Barnes LLB (Hons)? Surely not?

UFOs with green flashing lights? Oh yeah, I'm sure.

Sexual use of yoghourt? Hope so. Vegan yoghourt, of course.