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Surveillance Security State- Arrest of Shadow Cabinet MP

The Omen | 28.11.2008 13:15 | Analysis | Other Press | Repression

Reports are coming in from official news sources that Damien Green,a leading member of the Opposition Bench has been arrested in connection with the "leaking" of documents which might be in the public interest.

The current state of democracy in Britain grows ever more confused with the shock news (obviously overshadowed by events overseas) that the police have arrested a "top" politician without, it would appear, reference to either the House or even No 10.
The independence of parliament is the chief concern here. For some time it has become apparent to the public that their rights against an overbearing security and surveillance obsessed state are being lost a rapid rate, but now the malaise has spread to the parliament itself.
*Just a while ago, an extradition treaty (non reciprocal incidentally) was signed with the USA enabling GB citizens (sorry, that should read "subjects") to be whisked away as a mere formality.
*For the past few years it has proved impossible to even walk down the street to the shops without being confronted or observed by some character in a sub-police uniform with "community" in the title somewhere.
*In recent years, the parliament has actually surrendered its right to control its own territory and allowed the police to take over instead, thus revoking an essential guarantee of independence (and not just to protect MPs expenses as you might imagine)
It may seem odd to cry for a Tory MP, but the implications are serious beyond words. Moreover, there are safeguards (or were) to ensure that MPs and whole governments act within the constitution: its called "impeachment" and is best remembered in its American guise when President Nixon was held to account. Essentially, the parliament considers the matter of wrongdoing- if the case is proved, the Member or Minister is stripped of parlimentary immunity and THEN is turned over to the police or whoever.
Keep a close watch on this disturbing development, and don't think it irrelevant just because it caffects a rather hitherto privileged institution (privileges which are being removed rapidly)

The Omen