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Clinton learns Baluchi word as statehood urged

Shehmir Gorgej | 26.11.2008 19:09 | Repression | Social Struggles

Right of Nations to Self Determination is a birth right of the Baluch people, who were denied their country because of imperial machination.

Mikulski shows interest in Baluchistan
Mikulski shows interest in Baluchistan

Mikulski shows interest in Baluchistan issues.
Mikulski shows interest in Baluchistan issues.

WASHINGTON DC: In 2006, Pakistan became the top buyer of U.S. arms and weapons in the world and that same year Pakistan Army killed one of the most well-known elected leaders Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, former governor and chief minister of Baluchistan.

The following year, state assembly member Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri, who was fondly called the Che Guevra of Baluchistan, was killed while struggling to put Baluchistan on the world map.

The two political stalwarts were among the tens of thousands killed since March 1948 when baluchistan annexed by Pakistan against the wishes of its people.

Now with the change of government, the an end to the 60-year-old bloodshed in Baluchistan appears to be in sight amid reports of a possible bloodless balkanization of Pakistan:

At least 900 Baluch are still missing, presumably dead since the start of a war of liberation in 2005. In a report in Pakistan newspaper Daily Times, a leading senator has admitted the existence of Gestapo-style torture cells in Baluchistan:

But some u.S. think-tanks and lawmakers, who depend upon campaign contributions of wealthy Pakistanis, are trying to sell the idea the ill-fated Pakistan Resolution might help keep the tethering South Asian country together.

However, people from the area-wise largest Baluchistan province, who are clamoring for independence, have appealed to the would Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to throw any proposals pertaining to Pakistan resolution into the waste basket and prioritize her efforts towards the right of self determination to the Baluch people.

American Friends of Baluchistan founder Ahmar Mustikhan in a missive to Clinto urged her Baluchistan and the Baluch have nothing to do with this so-called Pakistan resolution and she should throw any such proposals into the waste basket.

Copies of the letter were sent to Senators Barbara Mikulski and Robert P. Casey, Congressmen Gary Ackerman and Howard Berman and members of the Pakistan Working Group, who are affiliated with think-tanks in the DC area.

Mikulski, who is a close friend of Clinton, has appreciated Mustikhan's efforts and asked him to keep her briefed on Baluchistan issues.

"I just received a letter of appreciation from your friend the honorable Senator Barbara Mikluski for copying her in a letter I wrote to you about Baluchistan recently.

In addition, I am in touch with the offices of other leading U.S. senators and congressmen, including the honorable Robert P. Casey, Ben Cardin, Gary Ackerman and Howard Berman.

As a member of the stateless Baluch ethnic people in southwest Asia—divided among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan--, I urge you to keep the attainment of the Right to Self Determination of the Baluch people, including their right to statehood, as a top priority.

I understand some think-tanks might try to advocate the so-called Pakistan Resolution of 1940 as a possible solution to the the more than 60-year-old issue of bloodshed that followed the snatching of Baluch statehood at gunpoint by Pakistan in March 1948.

Baluchistan and the Baluch have nothing to do with this so-called resolution.

Please note the Pakistan Resolution could not save the life of one of its main authors and the country's first prime minister Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, how can it be of any help to Baluchistan. Last year Benazir Bhutto was killed on the same ground where Khan was shot dead in October 1951. It is widely believed Pakistan army had a hand in both assassinations.

I fully understand people who work for think-tanks have to make a living, but the Baluch people would not allow them to do so at the expense of their continued genocide. In Baluchi we call such a lowly way of making a living as chumchutti, or extreme selfishness.

As I write these lines, the Pakistan army is killing innocent Baluch people in Dera Bugti. Please note the area produces $7m of gas daily and Pakistan looted billions of dollars by not paying the Baluch the proceeds to them for more than 50 years now. Two highly popular leaders elected leaders Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri were killed during the last two years for protesting the injustices meted out to Baluchistan.

I must reiterate Baluchistan was an independent nation for seven-and-half months after the British left India divided in August 1947. The only durable solution lies in undoing this historic injustice of forcible annexation.

The Baluch leadership would appreciate if you may please talk directly with them over their future in stead of talking with Pakistan army or government, or Iran, as the U.S. has done in the past.

Over the decades the United States has colluded with the killing of the Baluch and I hope and pray you will reach out towards Baluchistan and help it attain statehood. I must assure you Baluchistan is a sexy multi-trillion enterprise which the Baluch people would like to share with the Free World.

Please note Baluch despise Pakistan and its founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah and can not be converted to become Pakistanis through genocide.

I again reiterate the Baluch will roundly condemn all those who say Pakistan Resolution offers a solution to the Baluchistan conflict. I hope under your leadership the State Department would put any proposals Pakistan Resolution will help resolve Baluchistan issue exactly where they belong—the waste basket."

Shehmir Gorgej