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Dover portworkers to resume strike action this Thursday

Django | 26.11.2008 17:41 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Workers at Dover port are to lauch a three day strike from Thursday.

Hundreds of workers employed by the Dover Harbour Board (DHB) are to take strike action against plans to outsource their jobs. The ballot organised by Unite saw 83.5% of votes returned in support.

330 port workers were out on strike for 48 hours from the 18th of November over the plans to privatise around 190 jobs, including mooring, trailer handling and security roles. The outsourcing, which is due to come into effect in February, is expected to entail attacks on pay, pensions and conditions. A demonstration in Dover was attended by over 500 people, including supporters from the community and representatives from shipping workers' unions and the French CGT. Plans by the DHB to use Gurkhas to break the strike backfired after they walked out of training sessions. Attempts by management to work the site were prevented on health and safety grounds by the trainers, who are also members of the union. Kent police force implemented 'Operation Stack', a procedure where parts of the M20 are used to park lorries backed up by port disruption.

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Unite Press Release

26.11.2008 19:27

No disrespect mate but you've just posted up a Unite press release with a few alterations. Passing of as your own news is a bit rich

If there was something you were organising around this strike, or maybe encouraging us to get involved in something you, or your group, are organising, and were canvassing for our support, participation, solidarity then fair enough, simply rehashing trade union press releases is just lazy, and more than a little disingenuous.

The BBC reported this last wednesday, all the relevant info is on the Unite press release, maybe a link to these sources would make a bit more sense no?

bbc's news link:
Original Unite press release:

PS if any activists, political groups, do wish to show their support, solidarity for the striking workers I'm sure they'll appreciate a few comrades going down:
LOCATION: Eastern Dock Entrance, Dover Harbour, CT16.
FROM: 7.00am Thursday, 27th November to 7.00am Sunday, 30th November.

Jeffrey Jane