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Anti I.D Card Banner Drop In Newcastle

No Borders North East | 25.11.2008 13:33 | Anti-racism | Migration | Social Struggles

Two banners dropped over busy inner city motorway

This morning, during the peak rush hour time of 7.30 - 9.00 am, 4 activists from No Borders North East performed an anti-i.d card banner drop from a bridge over one of the city's busiest inner motorways. The largest banner read "No To ID Cards, Freedom For All!" and was accompanied by a smaller No Borders banner.
The reaction from the drivers below was overwhelmingly positive, with many honking horns, waving and giving thumbs up.

Today sees the start of the ID card scheme, with non-EU citizens applying for, or renewing visas for study or marriage, being made to carry a card and have their details put on the Government's database. Immigration law already gives the Home Office powers it would like to exert over everybody. Under a cloud of anti-immigration hysteria the government is increasing it’s social control and attempting to usher in unprecedented powers of surveillance over the whole population.

This was just one of a series of No Borders protests against the scheme, with many others happening across the country today and throughout the week.

No Borders North East
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25.11.2008 16:03

the police came along while we were doing it, but didnt seem to have any problem with it. Interestingly however, they said that an anarchist symbol can be deemed offensive and thus removable under a public order act (?!). We told them that our No Borders banner with a large anarchist symbol wasn't in fact anarchist related, and they believed us for some reason.... ;)

No Borders North East


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the law and banner drops

25.11.2008 15:41

is it illegal to do banner drops? are there any possibilities of getting arrested for anything? etc etc


Anarchist A is offensive???

25.11.2008 16:38

Nice so the thought police won't even allow a symbol of anarchist political ideology. That would make an interesting challange under ECHR.


The law and banner drops

25.11.2008 17:10

Once, on a lonely banner hang, the cops took my banner down on the pretext of a potential 'breach of the peace' and then stole it after I refused to give them my name and address. The banner later turned up in police 'found property'.

Always banner hang with yer mates.

Hannah Banger

nice one!

25.11.2008 17:52

Brilliant pics