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Dissident Island Radio tonight!!!

Dissident Werewolf | 21.11.2008 16:41 | Climate Camp 2008 | Analysis | Repression

Green Scare // ESF // Student mobilisations // Dissident Island Discs // Sumac Debates // DJ Ursa


Paolo will be in the studio live to critique and discuss the process of
organising a global environmental and social justice movement through
mechanisms such as the World Social Forum and European Social Forum. We'll
also make time to chat a bit about what's going on with the student
mobilisations in Italy.

We'll also have a piece on the apparent arrival of the Green Scare phenomenon in the UK with Kevin from the Climate Camp. In the hotseat this show we'll have John, our newest crew member, playing us some tunes and giving us wise words for Dissident Island Discs

We'll be throwing in a snippet or two from the on-going Sumac Debates in Nottingham from our Riseup! Radio friends, a vegan recipe and end it all with some quality vinyl scratchings from DJ Ursa (of ukbassline fame). from 9 til 11(ish)



Don't forget to check our our last show, the 'Crime and Punishment'
special, featuring Linda, a prison abolitionist campaigner, Bra from
Campaign Against Prison Slavery and Brighton ABC (Anarchist Black Cross),
Kevin from The Treatment Rooms, Flo - a barrister and prisoner's rights
campaigner, and Margarita, an admin from Aktivix discussing data
retention. The show also features music from the post-Anarchist Bookfair
gig at the squatted Vic pub in Deptford, other juicy infotainment tidbits
and DJ set featuring music inspired by the civil rights movement and Black

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