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BRISTOL SQUAT RESISTANCE 87 Ashley Road (Unity Home) The occupation continues

Squater Bart | 18.11.2008 01:07 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Social Struggles

The roof of 87 Ashley road St Paul's Bristol continues to be occupied 120 hours (5 days) after the attempted eviction of the residents. The people on the roof are staying put in protest at the gentrification and destitution of our area. And in defence of homes for all.

We call on P4P Individual Support (the charity which owns the building) to reveal their plans for this building in an open way to the community of St Paul's and everyone who is concerned about the future of our city.

Daily solidarity demonstrations will take place from 4-6pm outside the house.

All are welcome. Hope to see you there.

Squater Bart


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