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USA likely to renew funding for coercive abortions in China

Meagan Freeman | 17.11.2008 15:38 | Gender | Health | Repression | World

Obama administration expected to renew funding for the United Nations Population Fund, which helps to facilitate coercive abortions in China under its 'one child' policy

“UNFPA provides support for and participates in the management of the Chinese government’s program of coercive abortion and involuntary sterilization.” - July of 2008, Deputy Secretary of State John Negroponte

In 2002 the Bush administration withdrew USdollar 40 million worth of funding from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFNPA) for the above stated reason. Under Obama's administration the funding is expected to be reinstated for this United Nations (!) project, set up under massive influence from Bush Senior.

The UN calls for 'cultural sensitivity' and says that it is laying the groundwork for women's empowerment over their own fertility.

This is pure double-speak. You do not lay groundwork for something by doing the opposite. Forcing a woman to have an abortion is not doing much for her freedom to control her own fertility.

It is a massive breach of human freedom, a physical violation of the bodies of the women in questions - a psychological and physical attack on every individual who whose involuntary participation in this scheme the supposed saviour of American politics will fund.

Nothing indicates totalitarian facism more clearly than than abusive, invasive 'population control'. It is typical of the current creeping facism, that once again it has been dressed up in fluffy, politically correct frameworks, that in this case only manage to veil the truth very, very thinly.

Please help to ensure that people are not smokescreened by words like 'United Nations', 'cultural sensitivity' and 'empowerment' and spread the real truth of what is about to happen in China.

Come on, this is so bad that even the Bush administration wouldn't have it...

Quotations sourced from Spero News

Meagan Freeman