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Several people arrested in France for train sabotage.

call of the wild | 16.11.2008 15:56 | Repression | Terror War | World

On Tuesday the 11th of November 20 people were arrested in Paris, Rouen and Tarnac under suspicion of having sabotaged several train lines on the 8th of November.

In a coordinated attack metal rods were jammed against overhead power cables, taking out trains on lines north, east and south of the capital, causing chaos to the French rail network. Five people are still being held and a total of nine people are being charged with criminal association with the aim of terrorism and sabotage, and one of the defendants is charged with being the leader of a terrorist group. Police claim that the group has had contact with people across Europe in countries such as Germany, Greece, Belgium and the UK. The group had been under heavy police surveillance since April after the French police were alerted by the FBI after some members had tried to cross the US border illegally.

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