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People and Planet group formed in Falmouth

Ivonna Crackaskwat | 13.11.2008 18:57 | Climate Chaos | Globalisation | Repression

A group of us are trying to form a People and Planet society in Falmouth. Although it will be affiliated with Falmouth and Exeter Students' Union, everyone regardless of whether they are a student are welcome to join.

A few of us have decided that, because of our geographical location (beautiful though it is) such efforts may have little impact on a wider scale other than raising awareness of issues locally (which is great). We believe that we will make more of a difference if we make direct changes to our lifestyle here in beautiful Falmouth.

Some ideas include a campaign against the Royal Bank of Scotland's financing of fossil fuels, introducing composting to Halls, to change the plastic takeaway coffee cups to cardboard, to encourage recycling around the campus and other such issues which will have a direct impact on the sustainability of this campus, making it a more enjoyable place to work and, for us lucky ones, in which to live!

Other ideas concern the getting involved with the Transition Town movement and organising a fun and exciting demonstration (involving blow-up bananas) for Fairtrade Fortnight 2009. The group will be run by consensus and we'd love to hear your ideas for actions. This is your group so bring to it what you want.

So PLEASEEEE come along to discuss ideas that you may like to raise or just to be in like-minded company and bring along anyone who this society might appeal to!

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 20 October at 7pm at Jacobs Ladder. Look for the table with the People and Planet banner. Look forward to seeing you all. :)

E-mail for more info, or find us on Facebook at

Ivonna Crackaskwat
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14.11.2008 16:33

Presuming you mean November, not October?

Falmouth Resident