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F.E.M. | 13.11.2008 00:22 | Other Press | Repression | Social Struggles

Recently the death of another baby in the U.K. has stirred up the talks on youth care business. The truth is surfacing in the media trickle by trickle. In the Netherlands children were condemned to death the same way by the Dutch social services (privatized companies) who deliberately let parents, who clearly endanger the live of their child, proceed to kill the child. The social services are aware of the case but do nothing. Why? Because of money. The response of the Dutch government was: each time a child died under horrific circumstances the government immediately donated millions to expand the reach of the social services. In reality often they take children for no reason at all other than moneys.

On youtube an ex employee of the Dutch youth social services describes how he was forced by the company to take as many children as he could, away fro their parents and put them in jails and so called foster homes (where an otherwise homeless, uneducated person, takes care of 8-20 children) there is a translation underneath the video. google youtube search jeugdzorg and sort date added, it is called spijt. the company responded by sending in 13 newer videos full of lies and denial in the hope that 'spijt' will not be vieuwed.



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