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Another SHAC raid.

Ahab | 04.11.2008 19:28 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Friend animal sanctuary raided - one arrest.

One arrested - still in custody. No details on VPSG. Anybody know where he is being held?



To anyone involved

06.11.2008 08:53

Shac watch are speculating on who is going to be arrested for what. Interestingly they predict that someone is going to be arrested and lo and behold it happens. They date the entry as 27th October but it did not go up before yesturday. Someone commenting is obviously also a police officer moaning about how activists in Bedfordshire are not being rounded up, he even gives the full address of some activists. Now Shac watch I know is something we do not wish to get distracted by but they are producing a wealth of data which may be of use to a defence team for example they are publishing our addresses and then whining in court because we used to do this when it was legal many years ago. Whilst I have no problem with them publishing my address I dare say other activists will not be amused. It has looked good in court for me before when I have put before a judge some rather imaginative rantings whereby HLS workers wanted to rape me then burn me at the stake taken from a bulletin board. whilst at the same time trying to appear as the beleagured saviours of mankind and very squeaky clean. The judge could clearly see that they were not the nicest of people and we had a much better result than we would have otherwise and Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden was visibly shaken, such things can cause rifts between lawyers and clients. I suggest that any judge and/or jury could possibly be less than impressed by shacwatch and urge anyone in trouble to print everything off about themselves today and if posible use it. Subjudacy is a word which sums up much of what Shacwatch does.

Lynn Sawyer


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