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Sheffield activists keep up the pressure on the military

Kicker Conspiracy | 04.11.2008 18:09 | Anti-militarism | Education | Iraq | Sheffield

Alongside activists from No Sweat and Animal Friends, members of the newly formed Kick 'Em Off Campus network visited the Yorkshire Autumn Graduate Careers fair to let military recruiters and arms dealers know exactly how welcome they are at our university.

After similar protests at recruitment events at Nottingham (see: and Sussex Universities (see:, unethical corporate and military recruiters must have hoped they'd have an easier time of things at Sheffield. No such luck, as for the third time in a row (see: and for reports of the previous events) anti-militarist and anti-arms trade activists were there to harrass recruiters from BAE, Rolls Royce and the armed forces, alongside animal rights activists opposing the presence of companies that use animal testing and No Sweat members highlighting the dodginess of a wide range of corporate crooks.
The Animal Friends group actually made it past security to confront Proctor & Gamble directly, while the Kick 'Em Off Campus activists were approached by security while putting our banner up and told to leave the premises on "public order grounds". After a lengthy argument, we left to leaflet outside (where we got into an argument with a Colonel who remembered us from last time round) for a few hours, before doing a banner drop from a bridge overlooking the university concourse (pictures to follow).
While the day could have gone better, we still succeeded in making it clear that scum like arms dealers won't be allowed to operate on our campus without opposition, and that we won't be content to keep our protests within the limits defined as "acceptable" by the corporate sponsors of our universities. As the level of resistance continues to rise both here in Sheffield and across the country, what better time to kick the bastards off our campuses once and for all?

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