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48hrs of Action against E.ON and New Coal

E.on | 28.10.2008 13:26 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Social Struggles

The UK Government is calling for an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, we are calling for 48 hours of action against E.ON and new coal NOW.

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th November 2008

It's easy enough to set a target that's 42 years away, but we don’t stand a rapidly melting snowball's chance of achieving it if the government give the green light to new coal fired power stations (7 are in the planning stages, with E.ON’s new Kingsnorth being first up) and keep dishing out subsidies to new coal mines. Coal is the dirtiest fuel there is, so while the government continues with business-as-usual through the last 100 months we have to make a difference on climate change, we call for 48 hours of action against new coal – now!

Join us in saying ‘No to New Coal’: get your friends together and plan an action for your area. Go stickering, blockading, serving direct action warning notices at supply chain premises, organise an awareness raising talk, hang a banner, get creative on the streets, the options are endless. Get together, get creative, and plan an action!

On Friday you could visit the Coal Authority, E.ON offices, UK Coal offices or Global Coal Management offices, to name but a few. Or take aim at their investors or parts of their supply chain. On the Saturday you could take action at 2nd round FA Cup matches sponsored by E.ON. Together, we'll raise awareness about killer coal, and we'll say loud and clear that we won't stand for new coal - at Kingsnorth or anywhere else.

For more information visit - - where a list of potential targets, action ideas and plenty of resources will follow shortly.

This day of action is supported by The Camp for Climate Action, Rising Tide, Plane Stupid and Campaign against Climate Change.

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