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Liverpool Police and Antisocial Behaviour

Anonymous Complaint Reference: AF37990E | 17.10.2008 18:51 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool | World

Publication of a Complaint made to Liverpool City Council about Antisocial Behaviour from Police Officers in Liverpool City Centre, where civil unrest was orchestrated by Liverpool Police n 10th October 2008.

Complaint Reference: AF37990E

Complaint Made:
Repeatedly, Police Officers are indulging in alarming and distressing behaviour toward any person in Liverpool City Centre giving out leaflets or demonstrating political beliefs. This is a right guaranteed by a range of laws, that the Police have no right to abridge. Byelaws are being used in a perverse manner to prevent legitimate activities from taking place.

Outcome Required:
Instruct the Police of Appropriate behaviour under the Articles of the UN General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948: Declaration of Human Rights. Instruct the Police of the legal consequences of alarming and distressing behaviour. Instruct the Police of the consequences of perverting the course of Justice. Finally, use the City Solicitor to Prosecute Police Officers who continue with this antisocial behaviour.

Complaint route:

Complaints process

The above is a complaint made to the City Council about Police Officers who are bullying people in and around Liverpool City Centre. The complaint was made anonymously.

The complaint and outcome are plainly important to a lot of people. Hence the publication of the complaint here, along with the reference. Anybody wishing to have the council explain the outcome of the complaint or requiring that the complaint be escalated to the next step of the Complaints Procedure should look at the complaints process.

The required outcome is for the City to Prosecute offending Police Officers. Not for them to be scolded and allowed to repeat their patterns of antisocial behaviour but to be Prosecuted in the same way as any other Anti Social Behaviour Offender.

This complaint has particularly arisen after the disgraceful random arrests of the 11th of October 2008. Where the Liverpool Police created a hazardous situation of tension and avoidable civil alarm and distress. The continuous harassment of people expressing opinions would be ASBO'able behaviour in a teenager and should not go unchallenged in adults - even if they wear a uniform.

Anonymous Complaint Reference: AF37990E


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Saw it Today

18.10.2008 20:27

I was in Liverpool city centre today, at the bottom of Bold Street was a table, up against the wall, not blocking the highway, with some posters on, there were two police harassing the guy behind it. He was doing no wrong and bothering no one. In a city of this size don't they have anthing better to do than harass people doing no wrong? They seem, to enjoy trying to antagonise the public.