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Bradford says ID is bad

Bradford Against ID | 13.10.2008 21:14 | Repression | Terror War

30 people gathered in Centenary Square, handing out leaflets and talking to the public about the proposed ID card scheme and the National Identity Register.

Our banner flying in Centenary Square
Our banner flying in Centenary Square

Despite the highly windy weather, we raised a banner across two posts reading "They know everything about you". (It did eventually get blown down but oh well).

Passers by were given a leaflet of basic info, an example ID card and stickers. One of the activists said "Many people were glad to be informed as they were unaware of the situation prior to this demonstration". Another said, "Even the British Association of Airline Pilots are going to court against (ID cards) so something must be wrong."

The government claim that it will stop terrorism however ID cards did nothing to prevent the Madrid bombings. Also, given the countless times the government have lost sensitive data in the last few years, surely anyone can see that they aren't to be trusted with all your personal information; name, addresses, dob, nationality, gender, sexuality, DNA, employment history, medical records, voting history. Add to that the fact that the scheme will cost almost £5billion and it seems all the more shocking.

Bradford Against ID
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