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Sussex Police erect new cameras at Falmer Station for Shut ITT demo

British Rail | 13.10.2008 17:25 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | South Coast

Smash EDO are planning a demo on Oct 15th from Falmer Station

Sussex police have set up a new CCTV system around Falmer Station ready to monitor protesters at the Smash EDO demo. They have also installed new cameras at either end of the underpass leading to Suissex Uni and the demo meet up point.

Recommend you don't take the train to the demo - there are many other ways to get there.

British Rail


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13.10.2008 18:31

Thanks for posting this
everyone should remember its important to mask up - see what's been happening to bush demo protestors months after the event


Re: masking up

13.10.2008 23:30

At the Carnival Against Vivisection last month the police had a section 60 aa (or something like that) in force which gave them the right (apparrently - I haven't looked it up so feel free to correct me) to remove items being used to conceal identity and arrest anyone who refuses or puts it back on again.

There is every chance that they will do the same with the Smash EDO demo.

If you wish to preserve your right to anonymity, my advice is to add other differences to your appearance - face paints are an idea ...

I don't know if they have the right to insist on the removal of face paints, but the idea of asking several hundred activists to wash their faces so that the cameras can get a good view (essentially why they want to see your face) should be interesting at the very least!

: )

suggested ways of dealing with cameras...

14.10.2008 09:12

..I quite liked the Greek approach to this problem. Great ideas for dealing with CCTV cameras on demos here

Failing that, it is useful to remember that CCTV is not as good as it is painted. It works most effectively by making you THINK you are being watched.

Still, it pays to be cautious. Cover up from early on in the demo, as soon as you get near. Hoods and sunglasses are good. Even umbrellas if it is raining!

Just as an aside, a section 60 provides for the removal of face coverings. There is nothing in that Act, nor any other, which means you have to co-operate with having your picture taken. It is perfectly lawful to refuse to be photographed and to hide your face from a camera.

fighting fit

Be cautious

14.10.2008 10:28

of cameras. At the June EDO carnival what I thought was an independent video journalist transpired to be working for the police.

Winston Smith

face paint

14.10.2008 10:52

if you are painted up take note that such skin coverings prolong the effect of pepper spray



14.10.2008 18:18

this site explains what to do before and after cops tear gas/pepper spray you

When the police attacks, do not be individuals trying to stop them. they are together, so shall we - lock the arms, the weight of bodies linked together is a live barricade and is harder to disperse. Prepare mentally - know what can happen so you won't be shocked, take water, some food and only what necessary and useful, stay strong. Suggestion -wear all black and only red mask on face. Soak mask with lemon juice to filter and prevent pepperspray irritation of airways. Good luck see you there.