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Merseyside Police Versus Freedom Of Speech

Liverpool Indymedia | 11.10.2008 17:44 | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

An entirely legal demonstration in solidarity with international Freedom Not Fear day was disrupted and halted in Liverpool this afternoon, and two arrests were made, provoking an astounding show of anger from the public.

14:00pm, public surrounding officer 8452 demand he release two arrestees.
14:00pm, public surrounding officer 8452 demand he release two arrestees.

Help! We're being repressed!
Over the past year, activists in Liverpool have been the victims of increasing police harassment and attempts to curtail our free speech. After the arrest of Socialist Party member Tony Aitman for ‘wilful obstruction’ on August 30th, Nerve magazine organised a campaign to unite all local protest groups against this police repression.

As today was Freedom Not Fear day, it was designated Liverpool Freedom Of Expression’s first day of action, and ten protest groups simultaneously set up their stalls in Church Street. However, the police soon swooped, and began confiscating materials. Disgusted passers-by quickly became involved, and shouts of “let them out”, “you're a disgrace” and “free speech” could be heard. Around a dozen forceful police eventually made two arrests.

Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
Liverpool Freedom Of Expression will be back soon, believing the only freedom we have is the freedom we struggle to win and defend.

More pictures and video can be seen here and here and here and here.

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