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Screening for Black History Month: DAYS OF GLORY (Indigènes)

posted by megan | 07.10.2008 22:31

London Socialist Film Co-op screening and discussion at the Renoir on Sunday 12 October 2008 at 10.30am.

DAYS OF GLORY (Indigènes)
Rachid Bouchareb, Algeria/France/Morocco/Belgium 2006, 128 mins, EST, (12A)

Four North African soldiers enrolled in the French Army are sent to the front line during World War II, each with a different personal purpose as they fight their way through the Italian Campaign and on to liberate France from the Nazi occupation. One seeks booty; one has joined up to escape poverty, hoping that he will find security in the army; one wants to marry and settle in France; while the fourth – by joining in the fighting – hopes for equality and recognition of the rights of the colonised Algerians.They encounter only discrimination in the army. The film is a complex depiction of their shabby treatment in an organisation prejudiced in favour of the European French, a wartime injustice which relates directly to continuing modern tensions.

Discussion led by Kunle Olulode, Chair Camden Black History Month Forum


Doors open 10.30 for 11.0 am screening.

Cinema information: Renoir Cinema, Brunswick Square, London WC1.

Nearest tube: Russell Square. Overground: King’s Cross, Euston.
Buses: 7, 17, 45, 46, 59, 68, 91, 168, 188.

Booking information: tickets are on sale from 10.30 am on the day and may not be booked in advance. Admission £9, concessions £7. Discount to annual members £3.

Membership: the London Socialist Film Co-op membership form is on a later page.

Other enquiries: please see our website:

posted by megan
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Black History Month, sounds condesending and patronising!

08.10.2008 08:23

Black History Month, sounds condesending and patronising and bloody expensive. Only socialists could afford

Aunty capitalist

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How about

08.10.2008 13:58

White history month....oh yeah, can't do that anymore, might upset the comrades on Indym.


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