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Climate Camp 2008: illustrated diary

Edd - Last Hours | 29.09.2008 18:29 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Culture | London

I went to Climate Camp during the final week of the event, and before the day of action. I went mainly to enjoy the atmosphere and attend some workshops. I also took my sketchbook though and thought it would be an interesting alternative way of documenting the event.

Kingsnorth in the distance
Kingsnorth in the distance

For people who might be interested I've just put the sketchbook pages I created at this year's Climate Camp up on the Last Hours site. The images are only a very small slice of what I saw and certainly don’t go anywhere towards a cogent debate about what happened at the event. There are some much better articles and reports and Indymedia that do just that, still I hope the illustrations give a flavour of what the event was like (I'm sorry they've taken me so long to get online!). All the images can be seen at full scale over at Last Hours.

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