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SHACin' Barclays

SHAC Brum | 26.09.2008 19:17 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

A 2hr demo that brought: complaints and withdrawn accounts :)

Our demo began with passersby immediately shocked by the images,on the banner,and askin' why Barclays is involved with this.Whether by askin' us directly or simply by their facial expressions on their face. Many people,even without us entertaining the idea,went inside to complain of their disgust.And with multiple more,stating they will remove their Barclays bank account as soon as they can.

Members of the public signed our petition against Barclays involvement,with HLS,and took leaflets.With the reassurance that they will join the SHAC campaign.Many wanted to offer donations and appreciated us being there.The public,bit by bit,is turning on Barclays and it's only a matter of time before they drop HLS.


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  1. Well done to all concerned — George Coiombs
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