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New feminist group for all genders

papidan | 26.09.2008 14:12 | Gender | London

Call out for the creation of a feminist group open to all gender in London. Meeting at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES) on Sunday 19th October at 3pm.

After 8 months of fortnightly meetings, the members of the London
Profeminist Men's Group have decided that we would like to start a brand
new gender discussion group open to people of all genders. For us, the
men-only experience has been very positive, especially in terms of
deconstructing our role in patriarchy as oppressors, understanding how we
got to become men, mutual support and raising our consciousness. At this
point we feel we'd like to create:

· A constructive dialogue between people of all genders which has a
clearly feminist perspective.
· A group which takes the feminist principle "the personal is political"
seriously and aims to create a space where we can talk openly about our
own experiences of gender, of perpetuating oppression and of being
oppressed, and not be afraid to be ourselves.
· An opportunity to learn from each other's lives and to support each
other's struggles.

The possibilities for this group are pretty much endless, so why not get
involved and help shape what the group will do and how it will work.

Please do get in contact if you're interested ( and come along to our first meeting at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES) on Sunday 19th October at 3pm. Oh, and tell all your friends!

The men's group will continue to meet, probably on the weeks in between the gender
inclusive meetings. The group can be contacted on, or check out the blog,

- e-mail:


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27.09.2008 09:09

Please forgive my ignorance that there even was a Pro-feminist Men's group. Perhaps there are others around the country too?! You've really made my day. I can't come to the All gender meetings (no-where near London), but I love you for doing this. Total strangers that you are - Iove you!

Miss Smilla