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Sarf London Critical Mass - 7 days and countin

Timmy Twowheels | 26.09.2008 13:31 | London

The 4th South London Critical Mass takes place next friday and the first friday of every month,meeting at 6.30pm at Pecham Library, Peckham High St Spread the word.

So far cop free(but not for much longer as we know more and more cops are switchin to indy from the sun every day) and actually taking the cycling gospel to the people rather than shoppers and tourists in central london.
We have been really well recieved,had lots of local folk randomly join us, felt empowered , dressed in fancy dress, listened to top tunes and had some top post mass party gatherings,two of them being in the middle of the Elephant and Castle roundabout.
Come and join the sarf lurndun velorution next friday and every first friday of the month.

Timmy Twowheels


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Sarf? Please!

26.09.2008 14:25

Yes Critical Mass! In South London.

But no-one in South London who has been resident for longer than, say, 10 years ever uses the word 'Sarf'. When people do, it's ear-grating and sometimes a sign that you're not really one of the common what I am, no!


How about an Acest London critical mass?

27.09.2008 10:58

How about an Acest London critical mass around the acest end of London such as Whitechapel and Bow.

Or even a Waist London critical mass around waist London such as Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.

Acest Londoner