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David Joines, BNP

ColdCaller | 19.09.2008 08:26 | Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival | Anti-racism | Liverpool

Profile of BNP goon David Joines of Ellesmere Port, tel 07761 492616. This is one of a ongoing series of profiles on the shady personalities of Britains largest fascist party.

David Joines is a long-standing fascist and has stood for the BNP in various elections mostly in the north-west but never doing very well. Perhaps this is because he has a personality about as upbeat as Eeyore the disney donkey. He has been nicknamed "Jolly" Joines by some political opponents in obvious irony but not to his face as he would sulk! He helps Arthur Kemp run the BNPs merchandising operation "Excalibur" from an industrial estate on Deeside. So I imagine him spending a lot of time miserably putting BNP keyrings in envelopes while little Arthur shouts at him to work faster from the next room! His other main current role in the BNP is as the site manager of the RedWhiteandBlue "Festival" and I'm not sure what this involves, perhaps he walks backwards in front of chairman Griffin sweeping leaves and mud out of his way? You can ring him on 07761 492616 to find out more about this character, any further information welcome.



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