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Dikili Noborder Camp is Over

one of noborders | 18.09.2008 17:30 | Anti-racism | Globalisation | Migration | World

The first noborder camp in Turkey which started on the3rd of September has ended up with future plans and with the created network of solidarity.

3-7 September 2008 Dikili

. Many activists from many countries shared experience and made plans for the coming process during these 5 days.
Activists from Russia, Avustria, Germany, Greece, France, Israel, Canada, Roumania, Belarus, Belgium, Sweden, England and Poland joined the camp. There were many workshops and presantations about the practises of authorities at borders, and refugee problem. The first workshop was a chat about the perception of borders, conditions of refugees in Turkey and how the camp come true.
The situation of refugees and the practises at borders of Poland and Israel were discussed in the workshops which was organized by activists from these countries. In general, activists from many countries shared information and experience and also there were projection of documentaries and movies and concerts at nights. Besides there was a performance on the puclic beach in memory of the drowning refugees in Aegean. The number of the drowned and lost refugees was written on the beach with red colored stones. Interest of Local people in this performance was really pleasing. Furthermore an exhibition called “border is everywhere” was shown during the camp in the town center.
The local police’s concern and suppression was also excessive. We are happy to finish the camp in spite of the suppression of police which was in guise of asking for identity and passport numbers.
The first no border camp on this soil was an important step for the cooperation of people who fight for the refugee rights and fight against the borders and we decided to make this solidarity continuous. We, who come together by defeating many borders, are saying that we will go on this struggle and we are calling you for the next noborder camps.

one of noborders
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