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Solitaire leaving Irish waters....coming to a port near you?

Mer Maid | 18.09.2008 17:19 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Ocean Defence | World

Today, on day 10 of Maura Harrington's hunger strike, Shell finally issued a press release confirming that the Solitaire is leaving Irish waters this afternoon, heading to a UK port. Help needed to keep mounting pressure to get the vessel to permenantly stop its operation to lay the gas pipe line in Rossport.

After weeks of refusing to communicate with campaigners, including Maura Harrington who is currently on day 10 of her hunger strike, Shell announced finally that "the Solitaire will leave Killybegs today for a UK Port where deep water berthing facilities are available,".

We need to ensure that this retreat is permenant, and not a temporary measure. The Solitaire will need to dock somewhere in Britain, as soon as we get confirmation of where this maybe we will publish this information. In the mean time we call for anyone near a port to be aware that this vessel could be mooring at a port near you. Please prepare to give it the welcome it deserves!

The following ports are possible:


Port Talbot
Milford Haven - South Hook and Dragon LNG facilities

Hunterston Terminal
Hound point

For more information please see: and

Also, for a list of all deep water ports in the UK see

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Invergordon aka Cromarty Firth Port Authority

18.09.2008 20:53

For what it's worth, my money is (*IF* it goes to Scotland, I haven't looked at southern ports) on the Invergordon / Cromarty Firth port.

"Many of the largest subsea contractors use the Cromarty Firth regularly for fabrication, servicing and maintenance, utilising the excellent base at Invergordon with its large lay-down area and fabrication facilities." (

Whereas Hunterston & Hound Point are apparently mostly used for unloading oil or coal.

Someone else should look into the other ports.

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Shows how much I know....

19.09.2008 10:32

See story above. Also this link gives lets you see where the ship is reporting itself as being:

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